Suits You? A Sneaker with a Suit?

Dior Homme has come out with a “Black Tie Sneaker”. Is it India-Inspired??? Well Indian men’s biggest fashion faux-pas was to don sports-shoe with a formal suit. The Babus wore those chunky white Action sports-shoe with Safari-Suit (Yet another fashion history of India best forgotten!), the blushing groom donned a pair of dazzling white Lakhani […]

Social Butterfly commits fashion faux pas!

Folks, your omnipresent SOCIALITE, Tanisha Mohan committed not one but two fashion blunders recently. You all know Tanisha hosted Sujata Asomull’s birthday bash so that she keeps appearing in the glossy. In the bash our lady donned a Herve Leger dress. Now she wore the same Herve Leger bandage dress to Amu Saidi’s (yet another […]