Gautam Thapar’s Wife Scratches Neighbour’s Bentley

A reader informed me about this story that appeared in London’s Daily Mail. Thank you Kumaar! Gautam Thapar’s wife, Stephanie Thapar who live in Knightsbridge in Central London was taken to court for scratching her neighbor – Michael Connor’s Bentley Continental GT Coupe V8. Didn’t know denizens of London’s posh address too suffer from ‘parking […]

Gautam Thapar’s B’day Bash was Extravagant to the ‘T’

Last week I posted about possible affair brewing between Priya Sachdev Chatwal and industrialist Gautam Thapar. Loads of society walas vouch that something’s cooing between the two but they also say ‘Gauti’ is not the one to be taken for a ride. He’s a sorted out guy. Well Gautam Thapar celebrated his birthday a couple […]

Has Priya Sachdev got a new man in her life?

Though Priya Sachdev Chatwal maintains her married status with Vikram Chatwal, hardlt anybody believes her. She has been linked with Sunjay Kapur, which fired the buzz about Sunjay – Karishma divorce and also with certain Mr. ‘G’. Surprising that Priya Sachdev always makes to the list of ‘Eligible dames’ even when she claims to be […]