Gautam Thapar’s Wife Scratches Neighbour’s Bentley

Gautam_Stephanie ThaparA reader informed me about this story that appeared in London’s Daily Mail. Thank you Kumaar!

Stephanie Thapar's home at 38 Cadogan Place ¬©Tony Palmer.jpgGautam Thapar’s wife, Stephanie Thapar who live in Knightsbridge in Central London was taken to court for scratching her neighbor – Michael Connor’s Bentley Continental GT Coupe V8. Didn’t know denizens of London’s posh address too suffer from ‘parking rage’. The court was told – ‘Mr Connor saw Mrs Thapar put some rubbish bags next to his car, before walking to the back of the vehicle and scratching it ‘five or six times with an unknown small object’.

Stephanie is the second wife of NRI Gautam Thapar of the Avantha Group. His net-worth is estimated at £1billion. Stephanie is charged with causing more than £4,000 worth of criminal damage to the Bentley, which she denied but was bailed to return to Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court in west London for a trial on July 29 – and ordered not to contact Mr Connor.

4 Replies to “Gautam Thapar’s Wife Scratches Neighbour’s Bentley”

  1. Jo says:

    Hey what about Mallika sherawat being gifted a Lamborghini aventador !!! Who’s the daddy !!

  2. gauri says:

    Hey jo its LM

  3. Etios says:

    @Jo: Everybody knows who’s the sugar-daddy of Mallika: LN Mittal. She has been enjoying the uber luxurious lifestyle after she left India for LA few years back to serve Mittal Ji 🙂

  4. Anthead says:

    Our moneybags have no respect for their wealth or social standing – they are so gori chamdi obsessed that they’d go and marry whatever low class gori hoe they can find. But I guess marrying shady types runs in that family – Ayesha’s first marriage anyone?

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