Mumbai Gals – ‘BomBaebs’ RAP Against RAPE

BomBaebsTwo girls from Mumbai – Uppekha Jain and Pankhuri Awasthi who call themselves ‘BomBaebs‘ have been going viral on the internet with their hard-hitting message on sexual violence in India in their three minute rap. “I’ll wear what I want even if it’s mini; it’s only a dress, don’t for a second think it’s a yes”, sing Pankhuri Awasthi and Uppekha Jain.

In the past week a 71-year-old nun was gang raped in Nadia near Kolkata, prompting Awasthi and Jain to record and perform their #RapAgainstRape, a dextrous lyrical performance in English and Hindi. In the song, the two women ask men to “grow some balls and ban criminals in parliament.” The issue of women’s rights and objectification of women is dominating conversation in India as MPs like Sharad Yadav gloat on the ‘bodies of South Indian women’ and minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has a hearty laugh on it.

Here is the link to BomBaebs ‘Rap against Rape’ video:

2 Replies to “Mumbai Gals – ‘BomBaebs’ RAP Against RAPE”

  1. ngnm says:

    creative way to attract publicity and launch your career

  2. God_Shareef says:

    Aaisi wanabeeZzzzz ka naa hota career launch.
    Its a paka pakaai planned item not spontaneous one.
    Khaane innhone pub’on mein dhakke hi hain.
    Bade keh gaye the, Stree, Dhann and Bhojan parrde ke yoggya hi hai.
    Aaise hi naa keh diya tha.
    Parr ye jo aaj aagayi hain naa, Burn the Bra attitude leke…
    Bra hi burn hogi innki to.
    Shabaab is to hide, always…
    WhereEver you’re, WhoEver you’re…
    You cant escape.
    Phir kahoge Sheila ji ne Saumya ko kaha tha ke main kya harr sadak pe tumhaari raksha karrne ke liye khadi rahungi.
    Who bloody suarr convinced Saumya to drive on that fucking spooky road known as Nelson Mandela at around 3 in the morning.
    Who told your so called fucking soul Nirbhaya to go for a merry nite’y with her boyFriend in such seclusion where there is no public transport available at that late hour of night.
    Ab jaaton (utt community) ke aage ishqa ishqa karoge to wo utt (notorious) chhodenge thode hi…
    Aag lagaani thi to kamre mein ghus jaate.
    Saale bloody suarrs.
    Usske boy friend ne to Zee News ko DUKH BHARI story becchi thi.
    They paid this guy travel fare also.
    Any average sensible frame of mindFul watch on YouTube can vouch clearly that this guy is telling and concocting false issues for publicity…

    Phir kahoge HemRaj killed Arushi.
    Have you ever seen a 14 years old girl so much decked up with makeUp and accessories at such an age.
    Kya karr rahi thi wo itti raat ko HemRaj ke saath.
    Baap kya karrta bechaara. Nashe mein tha. Stick ussko bhi lagg gayi.

    Khud bra burn karengi phir khud Nirbhaya bannke saare awards and funds hadap lengi.
    Thoo on this bullShit indian society.
    Malum nahi Jack will ever publish this thought or not???


    Aaj boht chup
    Aapki fire in boobs
    Aapke dil ke kareeb
    Aapki Kutia
    God Shareef
    Kya aapke andar ka God bhi kabhi kabhi Kutta bann jaata hai???
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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