Gautam Thapar’s Wife Scratches Neighbour’s Bentley

A reader informed me about this story that appeared in London’s Daily Mail. Thank you Kumaar! Gautam Thapar’s wife, Stephanie Thapar who live in Knightsbridge in Central London was taken to court for scratching her neighbor – Michael Connor’s Bentley Continental GT Coupe V8. Didn’t know denizens of London’s posh address too suffer from ‘parking […]

Amar Sarin’s car’s panes were smashed at Riju’s Diwali Bash

  Riju Jhunjhunwala, the guy who recently got married to Amrita Kak, the daughter of Bina Kak, the Tourism Minister of Rajasthan, threw a lavish pre-Diwali bash at his farm. Delhi’s society-walas gambled, drank, puffed, pulled, ate and danced at his party but for one guy, Amar Sarin. Amar is Sunaini’s kid brother and has […]