ARMANI & FERRAGAMO Unhappy With DLF. Seeking New Partner

Italian luxury brands Salvatore Ferragamo and Giorgio Armani are considering chaning their existing local partner, a subsidiary of real estate developer DLF, and have been talking to other corporate groups and investors.  Over the last five years, several leading luxury brands have already parted ways with the partner they chose to come to India with and have formed new […]

Prasanna Bhaskar’s stint with Ferragamo ends this December

Salvatore Ferragamo is facing some tough times in India. The new collection – ‘My Ferragamo did receive a tumultous reception at its launch, both in Delhi and Mumbai but the turn-outs at parties usually don’t translate in to sales. Ferragamo is closing down it’s Grand Hyatt store in Mumbai as the sales there don’t justify […]