Prasanna Bhaskar’s stint with Ferragamo ends this December

Salvatore Ferragamo is facing some tough times in India. The new collection – ‘My Ferragamo did receive a tumultous reception at its launch, both in Delhi and Mumbai but the turn-outs at parties usually don’t translate in to sales. Ferragamo is closing down it’s Grand Hyatt store in Mumbai as the sales there don’t justify its existence.

Now comes another big decision from the House of Ferragamo. As per a highly reliable source, Prasanna Bhaskar’s stint as the Regional Director of Southeast Asia & India for Salvatore Ferragamo is coming to an end this December. The source also said that Ferragamo HQ is scouting for a dynamic person to head Ferragamo India and put the brand back on a growth mode.

55 Replies to “Prasanna Bhaskar’s stint with Ferragamo ends this December”

  1. Anthead says:

    Ferragamo has an image problem. In the West, it seems to have become a little old ladies’ brand – tasteful comfy shoes, basic bags – nothing too fashion forward, nothing too flashy. Surprising, considering Ferragamo was the company that came up with that classic wacky multicoloured platform heel.

    Now in India, our fashionista types are as tacky as tacky can be – witness Page 3 (and the bags they donated to Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out – barf!!). Ferragamo has no appeal for them – neither does Bottega Veneta – except for those loud clutches which everyone and their mom sports. Also, their potential steady clientele, little old ladies in India seem singularly uninterested in blowing up large amounts of money on basic pumps with bows.

    There Ferragamo, how easy it was to sum up your problems in a nutshell.

  2. Sanjay Gupta says:

    Is it true that she was earlier demoted and then asked to leave?

  3. jack says:

    You are right Sanjay. Though she still uses her old designation…

  4. Summerluv says:

    Yes sanjay she was demoted due to her terrible and uncouth disposition! I”ve heard most of the Ferragamo’s efficient staff in India quit because of her

  5. Bhaskar says:

    She was also told to leave from her earlier job @ Louis Vuitton as since she is a very bossy kind of people & played around with people all the time. Not to mention that she had embezzled lots of funds of LV.

  6. Mallika says:

    Yaa true she had played arnd BIG TIME with LV funds

  7. Mallika says:

    most of the employees in india have left due to her, last 3 months 10 peaople have left on an all india level..
    its really a shame for a brand like ferragamo to have good efficient people quit..
    including retail manager for west india..

  8. Anthead says:

    How did she get the job in the first place?

  9. Summerluv says:

    yes all the good staff has left. Is surprising that they didnt ask her to leave sooner!!! Can’t really comment on the embezzlement but i have heard she is banned from entering any LV store in the country!

  10. Aatish says:

    She also screams, shouts and abuses her staff in public.. no wonder they all quit and I believe in a queue even now – Ferragamo, wake up and smell the coffee

  11. mallika says:

    its high time ferragamo bosses smell the coffe..
    its a dreadful scenario with staff at the moment..
    evry month there are departures..
    I pity the staff, have heard her yell at the guy working at Galleria mall at trident, when i was there to shop.. She was screamin at the top of her voice, abusing the poor chap..
    Its a SHAME..

  12. Paul Cadman says:

    We confirm her exit..
    Poor performance in India has been all coz of her miss management!!
    We regret hiring her and will soon have a country head take charge and put things back on track..

  13. Wanda Ferragamo says:

    Gr8 going Paul..
    Well done!!

  14. Jackie says:

    staff is not exception. She screams, shouts and abuses everyone including vendors, business partners and customers. She even forces her staff to cheat customers. Don’t know how ferragamo have such psychopathic to head its operations.

  15. Mallika says:

    Yea i agree..
    Its good that she is leaving now..
    The brand will be spared of the humiliation that is on..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wonder what’d happen to the ppl having grown like weeds at Ferragamo under the influence of the psycho Prasanna Bhaskar like Vimal and Ashish. Who’d fall nxt? With Prasanna shown the exit door, the undeserving retail manager “Vimal Rastogi” has lost the undue backing frm his boss, and ‘d have to face the music. Wtever may be in the offing, hopefully Ferragamo can live upto the standards needed of a luxury brand. Prasanna going where she deserves, hell out of Ferragamo having screwed the brand, and Vimal, guess u shud look out for a more suitable option as well. Perhaps fashion associate wid woodland or bata perhaps. As a brand, bless u ferragamo. Right decision been taken, partially though, better late than never!! Cheers

  17. Anita says:

    Does that really happen?? Cheating?? This is bad..
    How can she 4ce staff to cheat on2 clients..
    I have heard she also gives defective pieces to press for shoot and then claims full MRP of the product , this is done to make up for the poor sales in mumbai stores.. Wat a CROOK!!
    No values left..
    If i was in her place i would have left rather than facing this humiliation.. If you have some shame then please LEAVE…

  18. FerragamoLover says:

    Comment by “Anonymous” is absolutely in poor taste. I have been to Ferragamo Emporio Store and have had excellent interaction with Vimal Rastogi. His level of commitment & excellent service delivery is something other store and retail managers should learn and emulate. I think its a case of sour grapes for someone to be writing like this. He doesnt need anyone’s backing…..he is someone who can get by anywhere else purely on his outstanding competency.

    All those who want to post comments here should take care to not defame or post slanderous comments here. I mean, lets not take the “Its a democratic country – free speech” liberty so far that we sit and start defaming people who have done no harm.

    We each have moral responsibility to make sure that even if its a snide comment…… should constructed as effective feedback…… one deserves to read their name and hardwork being maligned by one bad experience.

  19. Anita says:

    I completely agree with Ferragamo Lover- talk points should just be pertaining to the betterment of the brand and not towards other individuals..
    We ppl are sharing our thoughts and comments for the world to know what the brand is going thru in India due to some Serious Miss Management by Ms Bhaskar, lets keep it to that rather than getting off track and defaming other ppls images..

  20. FS says:

    I’ve been to Ferragamo Emporio Store as well, and Mr. Vimal Rastogi has always been wonderful. He is one of the few guys who is actually decent & nice in this retail industry of yours. @ anonymous : Please don’t belittle anyone for their hard work, ‘coz it seems to me, you’re just plain jealous of him.

  21. Luxe says:

    Every individual has a shelf life, Some play puppets some play as leaders on the otherside some would stay in the background listening watching observing being a stand by.
    The nature of the industry gives you and me so much of time and energy to waste ourselves discussing people and creating cases.
    It is jealousy and negativity. Cheep thrills, shallow mind to say things which are super exagerated. their could have been good things and bad things in a shelf life of 15 years. Money is a virus.
    Well Retailers are eager to appoint the staff that has quit and
    Prasana has held a show that not many could with the brand appeal of SF. PPl cud nt pronounce the brand name right!
    now they know it,
    Game Over
    New Play Begins

  22. SF says:

    But Vimal should improve his communication skills.. You cannot be making grammatical mistakes while you are attending to a client..
    This is BASIC!!!
    He’s good at back end but should also develop himself as a retail manager. He is not yet there..

  23. SF says:

    Words like “Koi Dikkat Nahi hai” have to be forgotten..
    This Moholla language only reflects poor professionalism and eventually hits the brand..

  24. Jesse Sidhu says:

    Good Day, My name is Jesse Sidhu. I am the Director of Transitions for a BPO company. I have personally shopped and been to the Delhi Ferragamo and the representatives have been wonderful. I dont understand how you can be-little hardworking individuals from one persons issues. I personally do not know who these two individuals are but I was assisted by a Mr. Ashish and he was a professional at this job. I hold my standards as to what I expect from India as I am from the US doing business here in India. Anyone that does bad harm to the Ferragamo Brand is either ignorant person that does not know style or just someone who cannot afford the brand and needs an excuse to fuss.

  25. Ankita says:

    I agree we shud not point fingers at individuals bt it is also important for us not to cheat on our customers. Vimal, Prasanna & Ashish together have been cheating a lot of customers. They raise prices of products nd sell to customers to meet budget. Sonam Kapoor had bought a clutch from the Delhi store for which the price ws increased as the team ws told that she would not get to know. They hve been doin this with a lot of their VVIP clients like Richard Madhok, Gaurav Khullar ets nd it is sad as no luxury brand would do a thing like this. She would sell exotic leather in the store nd tell the press that they r only press samples. She used to pick up store pieces frm the Bangalore store nd keep for herself. It is better not to hve a management rather than hve ppl like them who kill the brand.

  26. FerragamoLover says:

    Wat Ankita says is true. Prasanna cheats and forces her staff to cheat on customers. Another case is Deepika Padukone. She has hiked prices of products given to her as free gifts in order to exhaust her allowance.
    This is ridiculous,,
    She is maligning the brand’s image.
    I wonder what will happen when these Clients & Celebs get to know about the cheating that’s happening with them.
    She should be handed over to the cops.
    She has even forced ex manager IMRAN to cheat onto clients.. This has to be stopped.. the COPS need to be called!!

  27. Shaifali says:

    Just a quick observation on this for whoever is posting these comments regarding accusations about the Management cheating the customers. I’m sure it is someone working in the store or associated with the store to be making these comments. How come you have not reported these matters or brought them to anyone’s attention any sooner? All this seems to be coming up after the announcement of Prasanna’s stint with Ferragamo. Isn’t this so very typical and says a lot about the people posting these comments?

    I’ve not known either Prasanna or Vimal personally but have had a chance to work with Ashish and have known him as honest hardworking ambitious person trying to make it on his own. I think whoever has a vendetta against someone or something should try to figure out more effective ways of going about things rather than tarnishing image of others.

  28. Shoe Gal says:

    I on the other hand have worked with Prasanna and Imran in the past at Ferragamo. The allegations made here are absolutely correct. The staff has also collectively sent emails to the Asia HO to bring these incidents to the higher ups’ notice.
    I cannot comment on Ashish as I have never interacted with him even though I have heard certain things which are in poor taste. In the not-so-long time that I worked there, over 5 people had quit, excluding me. The associates are absolutely wonderful, trust me. I’m sure the clients would vouch for that, too. Unfortunately, their names get maligned when issues of price hike and all come up as it is they who have made the sale.

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