(UPDATED) Journos Quit But Netas Brazen It Out In Essar ‘Lollypop’ Scam

Yesterday The Indian Express published a story on Essar Group’s ‘Lollypop’ Scam that allured politicians, bureaucrats and journalists with freebies to keep them on their side. Nitin Gadkari, the Union Transport Minister availed the Ruias’ hospitality by spending three nights on their private yacht off the coast of French Riviera but said that there was […]


Desi Aunties & Their Unbridled Hots For Soccer Stars

Recently I read about Sobhaa De’s ‘overwhelming experience’ aboard Vijay Mallya’s luxury yacht, Kalizma on her Blog. India Forum readers had a lot to comment about it. This is what Sobhaa wrote, “On a personal note, thanks to our host Vijay Mallya, my husband and I were fortunate enough to spend a few nights on […]

Philippe Starck Isn’t Designing the Next iPHONE or APPLE TV but JOB’s YACHT

Last week Forbes reported that legendary designer Philippe Starck recently revealed in an interview with French publication – Le Figaro that he has been working with Apple on a “revolutionary” product set to be unveiled approximately 8 months from now. Imaginations ran wild and many tech pundits suggested the collaboration might result in an epic Apple TV or […]