How to Bag A Sponsored Show @ WIFW

Getting a ‘Sponsored’ show at the fashion week is a big deal. Now how does one get it? As far as the Grand Finale goes, it is definitely based on merit. I would say that Fiama Di Wills show is part merit and part networking but any other ‘sponsored’ show is total jugaad case.

Remember the Sanjana Jon Show for P7 News? There couldn’t have been any other criteria than jugaad for Jon to land up a show in WIFW and that too a sponsored one. P7 News fell for the Salman bait and they just wanted Sanjana as Sallu Bhai will walk only for Sanjana Behn.

This time we got a new sponsor – Spice Telecom and the ‘Spice’ Show has gone to Anjana Bhargava. Reasons? Well, Ms Bhargava was instrumental in getting Spice Telecom as the Sponsor. Mulla Talks after all! But hey, Anjana Bhargava can’t be compared with Sanjana. She’s miles ahead of Jon and her younger line – Anky is rather fabulous.

So guys, brush up your networking skills if you want to grab a Sponsored Show. My only fear is one day we will see Chhabra Sarees sponsoring the show for their son, a son who shamelessly copies the designs of Tahilianis, Bals, Sabyasachis, Bahls…the list is endless.

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