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Folks, one of my loyal reader has posted an interesting ‘gossipy quiz’ and I thought I should share it with you all.

Any informed reader is welcome to reply or rather enlighten us about the dark secrets of our so-called Page 3 crowd!

more dope?

Who was the party regular who got slapped for getting horny when he spotted his ex-girl at LAP on friday night? she called 100 and told the cops he is a drug dealer involved with rahul mahajan case!

Who got in seven prostitutes from nagaland with his 15 male friends into the oh-so-exclusive members’ only nightclub and the manager did not stop him because he is rich, connected AND a member?

Who is the girl who has worked with several PR agencies and was spotted at a members’ only nightclub with a guy’s hand up her skirt on Friday night?

Who are the three guys who snorted Coke off a table of a members’ only nightclub in front of 50 people and no one said a word to him at 3 am Friday (26th March) night AGAIN?

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  1. shweta malkani [alais] says:

    Well, these things usually take place frequently at the members’ only club mentioned and which I am sure everyone is aware of and a few have even taken phone pictures of very prominent people doing lines in the back of their garden and sometimes even up front.

    The person who got slapped for eve teasing his ex-flame is SAHIL ZAROO and everyone who there that night witnessed it! The girl called 100 and accused him of being a drug dealer. Of course, we have no proof of the same though his reputation precedes him.

    Dont know too many PR girls and havent seen people making out as such though a restaurateur and a floozy girl was caught in the act! Dont know about the prostitutes either but do know they came in a gang of thirty people with some regulars of Urban Pind … nowwww what happened to letting only members in, mr ARJUN RAMPAL?

  2. shweta malkani [alais] says:

    LAP has double standards and how. Rich men the management want to impress are allowed in with prostitutes and cocaine but others are turned away from the gates on grounds of exclusivity… They should change the name to PIMPS AND WHORES or DRUGS INC. Wasn’t this the place where a criminal was forcibly evicted but welcomed by the female manager?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the PR chick is Shristhi. She used to be Amatraa and the Park. Am I right?

  4. Devil says:

    Shristhi has slept with god knows how many Non – Members….trying to finally find a man in her life( and never successful :haha …she will never be )….she’s been a whore everywhere she’s worked…… she has no class herself and comes across from a bad background….. mr rampal has opened a whore house…. and hired the biggest whore to manage it…..

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