Is That What TOM FORD’s Next Fragrance Going To Smell Like?

I was shocked to see this picture (Not Photoshopped) in the Russian Edition of GQ in which, Tom Ford is sitting next to naked woman with a bunch of fragrance strips that are tucked into the model’s Butt-Crack. The picture also shows him sniffing one of those strips. Uffff…Now is Tom Ford trying to create a new fragrance and drawing inspiration from the smell of a woman’s butt-crack??? I can also see a small bottle in Tom Ford’s hand, which looks like a bottle of aromatic oil. Is he trying to blend the aroma of Musk or Lavender with the smell of a female butt-crack??? Gawd what’s the world of fashion and beauty coming to?

If that’s the source of inspiration for Tom Ford’s next fragrance, I am definitely not buying it. I also couldn’t help but notice how the fragrance strips are tucked into the Butt-Crack – it looks like a Ganja leaf!


4 Replies to “Is That What TOM FORD’s Next Fragrance Going To Smell Like?”

  1. chica says:


  2. Beth says:

    Tom Ford…smells like a model’s arse. How do you know it’s not ‘shopped? Or a joke.

  3. Stuckwithnews says:

    that is seriously wacko ad for a fragrance……smell like an a**…..ROTFL

  4. Real cool…. I personally love Tom Fords stuff…. this ones gonna be amazing… or may be he is trying the new Fartgrance 😀

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