Bikini Babes Always ‘Yanking’ It Up

jessica-sutta-bikini-miamiJennifer-Nicole-Lee-BikiniIt is a indeed a great pastime to sit by the beach and see bikini bods emerging and disappearing in to the sea. Those who are planning to go for the Soccer World Cup in Brazil will have ample time to feast on the gorgeous bikini bods on the famous Rio-de-Janeiro beaches.

LeAnn-Rimes-bikini-butt-crackAna-Braga-in-a-Purple-Thong-BikiniBut there is one eyesore, which over the years the bikini makers have ignored. Every time a gorgeous bikini bod emerges from the sea, the buoyant pull of the water pulls down the knicker, exposing butt-cracks, which many don’t find sexy. Can’t the bikini designers do something about the knickers that they aren’t pulled down by the water? Fashion has seen many technical advancements and I am sure if the put their head to it, they can stop the bikini-bottom pulled down.

Anais-Zanotti-Shows-Off-Her-Bikini-BodyKourtney-Kardashian-in-a-Blue-BikiniAt least I haven’t seen beach-bums facing the same problem. Their knickers aren’t pulled down by the water. Speedo must be making the waist-band real firm!





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  1. Z says:

    with those bikinis there is very little left to imagination and , it hardly matters if its up or down…anyways it doesn’t cover nothing !

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