The Longevity of Bollywood Marriages Are Shrinking By The Day

Hrithik-Roshan-Sussane-Khan-131213It is not that the marriages in the Tinsel Town don’t last. There are many star-couples who are married for eternity and they look happy too. Lately splitsville has been rocking Bollywood. First we got to know about Hrithik and Suzzane Roshan’s separation. The couple recently filed for their divorce under mutual consent.

vidya-siddharth-bigNow we hear that things aren’t cordial between Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur. Come-on Man, for Siddharth the marriage with Balan was his third marriage. Did he not learn much from the previous two failed marriages that he had to screw up the third one in a matter of 2-years??? This appalls me to no end folks! And for Vidya Balam, shouldn’t she had been bit more cautious knowing Roy Kapoor has had two failed marriages and has earned the infamous reputation of being a ‘$^&* BEATER’. But then I think what they say about ‘Love Is Blind’ may be true!

1292013Pooja-Vipul400x300pooja-chopra0403-post_1364970936And what is Vipul Shah doing with his current obsession – Pooja Chopra. His life revolves around Pooja and has signed 3 back-to-back movies with her. In fact in one of the movies Pooja Chopra replaced the superstar – Katrina. Vipul Shah is married to actress Shefali Chaya and have two children from the wedlock. But now Vipul Shah is so enamored by Pooja Chopra’s love that he has forgotten all other relationships and even the cast and crew can see that on the sets that everything revolves around Pooja. I am definite, the lovestruck Vipul Shah has only one way to go and that is DOWN and Pyaari Pooja will fly away!



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  1. tim says:

    Wow! I had heard rumours about vipul shah n sid Roy kapoor…sad its true

  2. etios says:

    oh! my poor and helpless abla nari Balan, she knew SidRK was a two time divorcee due to his beater behaviour in both the previous marriages and she still went with him for reasons best known to everyone 🙂

    She could have married someone else, maybe someone less rich, maybe someone less powerful, maybe someone more common But But But such a man will definitely not be the Head Honcho of one of India’s biggest movie production studios 😉

  3. buttercup says:

    U said it etios!!!

  4. Colossial says:

    This is what happens when someone marries for money and power only. Vidya should now leave this guy and move on.

  5. Loveleen says:

    What is the reason of rift for Suzanne and Hritik. I always admired them and especially Hritik

  6. jack says:

    Hrithik and Suzanne fell out of love!

  7. Loveleen says:

    fell out of love…sad…so all rumors about philandering ways are incorrect? On a different note I always wondered why Karisma Kapoor broke her engagement with Abhishek bachan? May be she didn’t want to make same mistake what her mother did i.e. marry a looser son of successful father.

  8. etios says:

    @Loveleen: Karishma-Abhishekh engagement was broken by the Bachchans after they hired a private detective and found out something…. Hint: Dubai trips 🙂

  9. sang says:

    hey jack, any idea about this srilankan guy who claims to be Aishwarya’s ex. read in paper he has filed complaint against Aish. Is there any truth in this or just for some fame.

  10. God_Shareef says:

    Aye Etios you naughty naughty crumbling egg there in such scorching heat.
    You so true.
    But that detective was there ghar ka jasoos, i.e., Qamar Singh naa…
    And when your Ms Lollo reached there tip top, she found Vachchan Sr sitting there.
    She ran away.
    Everything was obvious to both parties. It wasn’t needed to clear the air.
    Not even a single word from both the families.
    Joya aunty was happy because she was never in favour.
    But what was painful, it was long lasting friendship inbetween Lambu ji & Dabbu ji (her dad).
    They still mend their hearts when suddenly they come face to face at any gathering.
    I have seen this many times. Pain in their eyes.
    But this is life!!!
    And there you had this SONA SONA munda.
    Who was already a wanabe Polo pole. Full time charrsi. Cheater. BiSexXxo.
    His mom JAANE KAHAN KI “RAANI” was already besotted by the filmi charm of Lollo and was more happy than the son to take in this gori chitti ShowMan ki laaj in their house.
    And believe me, apart from her wild fancy aspirations, Lollo is a gem of a person.
    She realised this Kaput families wanabe desires pretty soon and explored wilder aspirations of Charrsi SONA.
    She was taken for the ride, she realised.
    Udhar Sasur “Suar-Inder Kaput” was always in full mode in the evenings and informing photographers ke aaj unnka bahu iss party jaayega, kal uss party jaayega…
    He was always dying for a photu (photo) oppurtunity.
    It was a big time for the dailies too.
    As no one used to see such a big star in Delhi particularly in 2000’s.
    Ab to sab common hai. Jai ho paid media ki.
    Such an annoying lecherous he was. Lollo always hated him like anything.
    He was so ugly.
    Udhar Sindhi shrewd mom in BomBay ordered her Lollo to pack the bags.
    But Lollo tried and wanted to resurrect the relationship even with motherhood but as if this CHARRSI “PHILANDERER” SONA pledged never to change, she was in vain at last.
    Such a little Zubeida but her aloofness, such a lonely…
    I feel such hollow sadness in my heart while writing this.
    I think this wonderful beautiful Zubeida deserved much better life.
    Aur phir idhar udhar to sab jaate…
    Ram Lakhan ki kasam. Those days your dhak dhak kudi dhakaaoed Ghai’s heart too much…
    Arrey aaise hi to koi ek do teen girl nahi bann jaata.
    Sun n Sand ki kasam. Our Jumping Jack was the discoverer of those lightning thighs.
    Thodi english vinglish theek kar apni.
    Doctor Bali naraaz ho jaayengi if I open my mouth because ShowMan is no more to defend himself.
    So bad naa baba.
    Jaate jaate…
    Have you ever thought of your original Dream Girl “this way”…
    No naaaa…
    She was the original choice of ChandraSwami.
    Garam paaji nu khabar lagi, tey mainu vee maarega, tey tainu vee…
    This is BollyWood meri jaan…

    Aapki Kulli Kameeli
    God Shareef
    Kya aapki ander ki god, shareef hai???
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Aaj thoda me little tired, someother time bataaungi Mandhira Poirala ke baare mein bhi.
    Lollo’s autobiography can not be completed without the reference of this ‘b’hooker.
    Lollo pe to paisa nahi tha.
    But iss Mandhira ko kya kami thi.
    Ye to drivers ki bhookhi thi.
    Rohit Rahul ki kasam.
    Unnke arrangement ki kasam.
    Bechaare Himaanshu ki kasam.
    Stay tuned with
    Bye bye 🙂

  11. Loveleen says:

    @ etios thanks for the inside scoop…I never thought that could be a reason … Shocked …..the more I read about glamour world the more I feel blessed that I am not part of it

  12. buttercup says:

    Sad if lollo had to go through so much bcos someone in family wanted it..

  13. Bert says:

    blatant lies. Lolo and Abhishek went seperate ways because of astrological reasons. Bachchans are way too much into that sham-ham. anyways more later…..

  14. etios says:

    @God_Shareef : Meri pyaari God shareef, mai tumhara hi intezar kar raha tha, tumhare detailed masala k bina comment section suna suna lagta hai 🙂

    Good detailed stuff on Lollo, “As you sow, so shall you reap” seems apt here, Abhishek would have been better for her but her own actions led to unwanted consequences.

    Yeh Koirala stuff sounds exciting, nymphomaniac movie type case lagta hai 🙂 Hope you give detailed masala on this soon.

    And this Priyanka 250crore house, 2nd nikah rumours are flying around, looks like absurd rumour but we never know, waiting for confirmation from some dependable source, any clues??

  15. Loveleen says:

    @ Bert bachans do not even pee without checking with astrologers, so how they let Abhi get engaged to Lollo without matching their horoscopes. There is no way engagement was called off because of astrological reasons. I am sure even before going on first date, they have checked all the nakshatras and muhurats.

  16. Bert says:

    if Dubai was the reason to break off the engagement then Krishnaji wouldn’t have allowed her wedding at Kapoor bungalow nor Ritu Nanda would’ve attended her wedding.
    From what I have heard, Jaya wasn’t very happy with the match and giving hard time. Babita got jittery for her daughter, like any mother would be. even Ash had to put up with Jaya’s eccentric behavior, until recently she moved out of Jalsa.
    its another thing that Karishma couldn’t cope with Delhi life and came back to her mommy leaving Sona munda high and dry. She does not know anything other than movies. Delhi had nothing to keep her busy.
    Having said all the above things, I can not cross my heart and say that KK may never have visited Dubai to get movies. but which heroine didn’t? Only may be Madhuri didn’t. But then she had her God daddy Ghai right here.

  17. Taniyaa says:

    That’s a lot of inside info. I always wondered, is there any truth to Priyanka and SRK ‘s fling? Why would anybody on earth think of having an affair with an old man with kids? Pls throw some light here guys.

  18. GG says:

    Jack are Abhishek and Aishwarya getting divorced? heard rumours on the news.

  19. Bert says:

    are Bachchans allowed to get divorce?? may be its just to divert attention from AB sr’s health issues or even to get Ash talked about right before her Cannes tamasha.
    I wanna know too 😉

  20. etios says:

    @Taniyaa: “Why would anybody on earth think of having an affair with an old man with kids? ”

    This is a hilarious question, many young married women will leave their husbands too if they get a chance to be with a Superstar, who along with his king status and power in film industry, has a personal net worth of 3500-4000 crores and growing. So, any single woman falling for him is just natural and not at all surprising.

  21. Loveleen says:

    @Bert what is the connection between Dubai trips and offer in movies for actressess??? Is it BHAI connection??

  22. Irene says:

    i too would like the answer to loveleen s question……

  23. etios says:

    @Loveleen: Don’t know about any bhai connection, Actresses go there to earn some good money in exchange for pleasure services.

  24. Ma Ma-Yo says:

    Maybe the longevity of celeb marriages is shrinking because the younger generation of star wives are less willing to put up with endless affairs and empty promises? Most of these women are educated and have options, unlike Dharmendra’s first wife. Some still opt for the lifestyle and money, of course, like Gauri Khan, or lead their own lives and have relationships on the side as well. But divorce also doesn’t carry the stigma these days like it used to for Asha Bhosle’s generation (look at the severe abuse she put up with, and was still labelled a “fallen woman” when she finally left her then husband).

    @taniyaa: if a 48 year old is old, our life expectancies must have reverted to medieval standards! 🙂

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