Lamborghini Airbag Failed On Crash, Killing Anukool Rishi

Young Delhi lad died on Sunday morning when he crashed his Lamborghini Gallardo in to the BRT corridor and then hit a cyclist who is in a critical condition. No doubt that the 28-year-old Anukool Rishi, scion of MVL Group, a Real Estate company was speeding wrecklessly through Panchsheel Enclave on his way to his home in Sainik Farms. Anukool Rishi’s brother, Arjun Rishi who heads MVL Telecom is a shattered guy.

Lamborghini Gallordo, which costs a princely Rs. 3 Crores and does 0 – 100 kmph in 3.9 seconds had an airbag activation failure on crash. Surprising! Some say since Anukool wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, the airbag didn’t activate. Really??? 

Wonder when will Delhi’s rich kids learn not to drive post nightlong club-hopping? Anukool was returning after Saturday night clubbing but couldn’t reach home. Sad!



45 Replies to “Lamborghini Airbag Failed On Crash, Killing Anukool Rishi”

  1. Kay says:

    There is no need to mourn the death of Anukool Rishi – he richly deserved it, though I feel he should have survived as perhaps a paraplegic as a perpetual reminder to others. In contrast, we all should feel sad for Kishan; he was just going for an honest day’s work for his family, unaware that a rich, irresponsible spoilt brat out for a high speed thrill will end up nailing him for no fault of his. What will his family do in the interim? And if he is impaired, then what will they do for the balance of their lives? Is there a realisation that someone’s thrill has altered the lives and aspirations of at least 2-4 people?
    A license is required for two things – to possess a gun and to drive a car. But unfortunately, in India, there is no realisation that the latter can prove to be equally lethal to others, and that if a driver injures someone through his/her negligence, then he/she, or her parents must be held fully liable for the injury or death. By the same logic, why cannot people fire a weapon recklessly and be held under the law only if they end up hitting someone?
    The statement by a neighbour, that “Anukool (Rishi) studied at a leading B-school in the capital before going to UK —- and this is surely the worst thing that could have happened to him and his family”, is so hypocritical. Really? Did they not know what this guy was up to? Why is it that despite all the evidence staring them in the face, many Indian parents like to live the illusion that their son is the most ‘biba puttar’ in the world. Was Anukool just literate or did he get an education? What did he truly learn in the leading B-school, or during his initial schooling? Did his parents ever try to instil some moral or ethical values in him? How can one buy one’s ward a Lamborghini and yet fail to inculcate any value system in him/her? In the past days, money was equated with class and ‘khandani’. Today, its about crass, boorish and irresponsible behaviour. Will some civic-spirited lawyer take up a case on behalf of Kishan and slap the Rishis with a suit for compensation of a few crores for Kishan? Such ‘accidents’ are happening all too often.

  2. vidhi says:

    ”this is an irreplaceable loss to Anukool’s family and friends. though it is a free country and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. we all surely should be careful when driving. but right now is not the time to analyze and rip him apart. i urge and request all who are reading this post or sharing their views on this platform to take aside 2 min. from our busy schedules and pray for his soul to rest in peace. we have lost him, he is no longer with us….lets pray for him…. ”

  3. mike1 says:

    its unbeliveable that the airbag didnt open – two reasons ..there was genuinely a problem…but here in Delhi the dealership is quite shitty and unreliable ..Incase the car was delivered by them it should be their onus to check that all parts are working.

    Most of these SUPERCAR owners are in the age of 20 -30 and belong to a few clubs but they belive that owning these cars has automtically taught them how to handle such machines because they have the money..the truth is THEY DRVIE LIKE SHIT and need to learn how to drive high performance machines..

    Their parents / dealerships and Clubs should educate them about learning how to handle such cars ..

  4. Rishi khanna says:

    Really sad it’s not the matter of being rich or poor…. It’s a matter of negligence….

  5. jack says:

    Sure Vidhi I do agree with your sentiments and will pray for his soul to RIP n that the family gather strength to bear this loss.

  6. Dipnath says:

    We extend our heartfelt condolences on the bereavement caused. May God give family the strength and the courage to bear this irreparable loss.

  7. Gina says:

    Why pray for a drunk inconsiderate driver’s soul? He deserved the death. As for that poor guy in critical condition, I’d rather save my prayers for him. Let’s hope he recovers and this douche’s family pays them for the harm their son caused before dying.

  8. Srikanth says:

    Very Sad. It seems Anukool got married just 3 months back…

  9. ashish says:

    kay ,completly buying your point ,now no-one talksaboutpoor kishan, everybody is talking about either deceased car , or about his family .

  10. PS says:

    That is the coldest piece of writing I have ever read. Have a heart dude!! Ofcourse his brother is shattered and obviously he didnt make it home.. you don’t have to blatantly spell it out for us. His family could be reading this.

  11. maxx says:

    amir baap ki bigdi olaad kisi n kaha tha kyaa ki lamborghini h chalani jaroori h ek aam insaan to maruti 800 , alto se bhi apna kaam chala sakta h mana k tum amir ho tumhe pooraa hak h paisa barbaad karne kaa par tumhe kisi begunaah ko marne ko to koi hak nahi …… agar aaj tumhare paas alto hoti yaa koi bhi car hoti exept luxury cars toh shayad aaj tumhari b ek family hoti aaj tum bhi humare saath hans bol rhe hote …………..
    bahut dukh hua k tumhari is accident m death ho gayi ……..

  12. Sujata says:

    I knew Anukool, He was anything but brash and irresponsible. He did not hit the cyclist, In an attempt to save him, he lost his life. The family holds rich values and they are more concerned about the poor cyclist than any of us.Please don`t be mean to Anukool, he was a sweetheart, a lovable child and trust me, he did not have a single mean bone in him. He touched everybody. At his age, one cannot imagine the amount of charity he did.

    As Billy Joel said, “only the good, die young”

    RIP Anukool… God Bless you!…

  13. wondering says:

    It’s so strange that almost everyone here has passed a judgement on Anukool already without having verified anything from anyone. Just because he was driving rash, he was obviously drinking and ofcourse he was a loser. Yes he was driving fast and he did maim Kishan. But guys really? Is all that character assassination important and warranted? Eitherways nothing denies the fact that he died and has hopefully not maimed another human being. What a waste of a life.

  14. garry says:

    People who are talking crap about the guy who passed away in that unbelievable accident, need a life cos they don’t even know his side of it and blaming him who was jus 28 and died.:( heartless and crazy souls . Rip anukool

  15. dell says:

    @kay fuck yourself Someone DIED u dont go on sayiing he deserved to die just beacause he was rich >>>

  16. kuldip sharma and Warsha says:

    all ladies and gentleman. This is very distressfull time for our falilies. We do not deserve unwanted un factual false comments. We all family and friends ask everybody to pray for departed soul and god give courage to the family to accept god’s will and we all like to share the sorry with them. This boy was full of life and as we all know Anukool, he was always delight to be with. Please pray, whatever is your religious and think twice befoe you make uncalled for comments.
    Capt sharma

  17. Akshay says:

    A person who got married in November last year, drives a super car which the family doesn’t know about and was probably irresponsible enough to ruin somebody else’s life is not someone i feel pity for. I feel the same he deserves what he got. A person who lies to his own family about not owning a car, out at 5:30 am in the morning without his newly wed wife, just suggests that his agenda in life was completely different from what all of you are assuming. There is no excuse for a reckless driver who does not have respect for his own life or others on the road. I mean cmon a critical rule such as wearing your seatbelt is not being followed, proves his ignorance to traffic rules.

  18. anonymous says:

    Vidhi: sounds like you really enjoy su-cking ***** of rich brats like anus-kool

  19. Seema Diwan says:

    @ Kay – Ure patheticcccccc… cn u even say stuff like this…..??? who says stuff like dis…?? Sum1 died out dere….it is jus so sad, his family must have been shattered…it ws such a sad loss….may he R.I.P.

  20. Arun says:

    Some of the comments are definitely not in good taste. Having said that, it does not take away the fact that we need to teach our youngsters that just because your parents made a lot of money, it does not mean you can get away with anything. I trust that the friends and family of Anukool, to whom he meant a lot and did lot of Charity (as per a previous comment), will have by now met Kishan the cyclist and taken charge of his medical bills and compensation. That is the least they can do to give peace to his soul

  21. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with you people ?? He Is no more , stop putting allegations on him .
    I am sad About one thing everyday so many people die due to accidents which involve various cars Just because it’s a big car , means spoilt brat !
    Please people grow up !!
    RIP Anukool Rishi

  22. A bad accident taught me not to drive ever when planning on sipping alcohol. We should emulate bombay’s “party hard drivers” concept in each city.

  23. ReenaUK says:

    Excuse me Kay that is such an insensitive message to write. Anukool is my cousin and from what I know of him, he such a sweetheart and harmless. No matter what, noone deserves to die and no family deserves to go through what the Rishis are going through. I am sorry you idiot but when you are young, you are abit rebellious and careless. So you are telling me you are perfect? You have never driven wrecklessly? You don’t know the facts of the accident so SHUT UP. No matter what, a young boy who had a life ahead of him lost his life and I really feel for his family. Rich or poor, we are all human beings and Anukool didn’t deserve to die. Rest in peace dear Anukool and I hope god gives strength to your family to cope during this hard time. As for the cyclist, I do feel bad for him and hope he recovers but you can’t blame Anukool for that. It was an ACCIDENT! We are going to miss you Anukool!

  24. Gayathri says:

    What we can do is pray for the young driver who died and also prayfor the cyclist to get well soon. May the young driver’s soul rest in peace and condolences to the family who lost their son,husband and brother. May God give them strength and courage to move on.
    Wish the cyclist gets well soon and May God bless his family with good health,peace and prosperity.
    Its very easy to comment. We really don’t know what exactly happened from both the driver’s point of view and also the cyclist’s. Only God knows.
    What we can do is pray for both their families. Let God give strength and courage to bear the loss and move on. Wishing everyone good health.

  25. Nits says:

    I have seen 2 and 3-wheelers breaking more traffic rules than any other vehicle. Scooter, cycle and auto drivers change lanes abruptly, refuse to stop at traffic lights, drive out of side lanes at alarming speed without any signal and most accidents happen when cars have to brake or swerve suddenly to avoid them. Drunk-driving is unforgivable but it is not always the fault of the rich guy in the big car! Being rich or owning a big car is not a crime, negligent driving is! Unless the culpability of the car driver is established beyond question, we should refrain from blaming and abusing a young boy who lost his life. (And bleeding hearts, this doesn’t mean that i don’t care about the value of Kishan’s life so don’t start ranting about insensitive ‘rich’ brats!!!)

  26. anonymous says:

    Kay: I loved your post. 🙂

    ReenaUK: You should have taught your beloved cousin few traffic rules and regulations.. and definitely the most basic ones like wearing a seatbelt! Probably then he would have been alive today..! If you cant blame Anukool for the ACCIDENT then who’d rather blame ? The road, The car, The cyclist..

    Seema Diwan: And what about the one who has been paralysed for life without any fault of his and due to the negligence of a rash driver?! How about you give a thought to the family of the cyclist as well..

    Gina: Perfect answer to the ones who wanted to pray for the one who was responsible for this accident! 🙂

  27. anonymous says:

    guys i think we should comment on anyones moral and ethical value….coz as a matter of fact you can comment without knowing the person and more over being rich or poor is not in ones hand… its nt his fault that he was rich nd the sorrow consequences are faced by his family nd no one else. So please pray …

  28. thisnthat says:


  29. thisnthat says:


  30. Gina says:

    People accusing me of being heartless need to pull their heads out of their behinds. This man drove rashly and almost maimed another life. Yes, at times we all give want to drive fast and rash. But we are humans, not animals.There is self control that differentiates us from animals. Thus, we stop, think and drive carefully! He had no business driving such a fast car uncontrollably! I have no respect or kindness for someone as rash as this dead man. So what if he is some rich spoilt brat? Where I come from, reckless driving is a serious crime and DUI is an abominable act. Stop protecting the rich and think for once what the hell is wrong with your godforsaken laws where poor people are crushed and the rich hog all the limelight! Disgusting.

    At least pray for that poor guy who now is in a critical condition for no fault of his own!

  31. Gina says:

    @Wondering: If you drive rash then you do so out of your own volition and judgment. Don’t hold it against us for placing the blame on the dead man. We are all tempted to cut the lights and drive fast at times, but we stop and think out of consideration for not just our lives but others’ as well. WTF is wrong with people on here that are justifying reckless driving? Its a serious crime! Doesn’t this news prove anything as to how dangerous it is?

  32. truth says:

    hey Kay,__________________________________________This is for you only, I think you are either a Bihar or only Bihar / UP Bahiya’s well-wisher. I am not saying that Rishi was not a fault at all, he might have done some mistake. But these bahiyas and ur daily wage earners are also not that innocent.
    These auto wallas drive zip-zap in takes, their auto indicators dont work and then they sometimes give and sometimes don’t give hand signal and when you ask them, they “Maaf karna, haatj diya tha”. Ya right give hand signal and jump to next to next lane.________________________These cyclewalls are DODO(s) or wot, they DAILY ride cycle, daily they have to turn left or right, but despite of give them loud horn and also light from back at night they still do NOT understand if they should keep going or if they should STOP or give side. Everyday, same corner / turn similar cars with similar horns still they jump infront of the car. Now Mr. Kay if the same happens with you should you be slapped with a suit(BTW, its lawsuit) for compensation of a few crores for a***ole like Kishan?_________ The Lambo lighst are so bright that they are visible even in light fog, they flicker so sharp that it can get anyone’s attention not just at night even in some daylight. Who needs horn when a light-rev from this sportscar is audible from half km. Still the autowalla and cyclewalla doesnt heard or felt something behind them. I do not own or have driven these sportscar but do keep info about them and visit auto-expo.

  33. Melody says:

    Top-5 SAD facts of life:

    1. Everyone blames the RICH even if the poor and illiterate are at fault

    2. Accidents caused by BIG cars are BIG news in this country

    3. Most drunkards on road at midnight and early mornings are auto, bus and truck drivers

    4. BLUE LINE BUSES have killed thousands, including cyclists but these are SMALL news as the lives involved are SMALL

    5. Luxury cars and their owners are the envy of many; BMWs already have an evil spell on them

    Having said that, only “evil minds can celebrate death”.

  34. Aditya says:

    I remember d day when i first met anukool sir….i sitted in their office area for intrvw nd they came i stand up nd i wished him….he said “han bai kaha se” i replied “sir yamunanagar se”….he said “kis kam se ” ……..i replied “sir intrvw ke kam se”….he said “acha thik h beth beth”wid a lovely smile…… nd gr8 personality……………….R.I.P anukool sir……

  35. We can help you with any legal case!

  36. Amrita says:

    It has been an year of the great loss I don’t know by which words I shud verbalise the massacre just don’t know

  37. anasuya says:

    Vidhi, why don’t you set aside the 2 minutes for Kishan. he’s the innocent victim here. Sir Anukool is the villian and you are too for encouraging this shit.

  38. Chetan Aggarwal says:

    May his soul RIP. But Rishi family has cheated lot of families like ours in their project MVL Coral. We middle class families put fortunes of our lifes in purchasing one house and these rich tycoons really don’t care. For the last 6 years our children are sacrificing their childhood as we have to pay huge EMI of bank. It has been almost 3 years now MVL has extorted 90% of the total payment of the flat from us. They changed layout without informing us. They are illegally constructing without getting necessary approvals. We are loosing hope of getting our flat now. Legal cases are for these rich cheats. For us justice delayed is justice denied.

  39. Arjun Rishi says:

    These kind of peoples deserves such incidents in there life…..this is Justice of GOD……

  40. No loss compared to loosing someone very close…..I can understand…But yes humans can never be god. Its never too late to realize this.

  41. My sincere request to all close friends of Rishi family. Kindly ask them to come out of their closed office shell playing dirty games in stock market….instead listen to the woes of their customers. Show some ethics and honesty….resolve the genuine and legitimate issues……..After more than 8 years of wait and paying more money than mentioned in agreement we are still struggling to get our flat….its a hard earned white money of a simple service class family….tricks won’t help in god’s court……

  42. Get well soon Rishi Family…….You really need doses of some good deeds, ethical and honest business practices….kitni buduain aur logey…….

  43. One day god will make Mr. P.A Rishi and his only left son realize the miseries of families they have ruined with the help of shameless crooks RG and PK…

  44. Mr. Risi should avoid going to courts. Advocates and mvl support staff are there to face fury of hon’able judges…sir wo din chaley gaye jab govt servants ke saath milkey koi bhi fraud karo aur logon ko pata bhi nahi chaltha tha. Get some substantial documents to prove your point. People have everything from rti replies to approved layout plans. Any fraudulent/forged or any document obtained through unfair means will not only put mvl management in trouble but also state govt employees right from clerk level to secreatry level or may be ministrial level.

  45. Poor cyclist Sh. Kishan Lal, permanently disabled in that accident died in march this year. He struggled throughout his remaining life since that ill-fated day in courts to get compensation from the powerful business maroons and insurance agencies.


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