Topless Ukrainian Women Protestors Desecrate Indian Flag

Members of the FEMEN group, who have gained international notoriety with their topless protests, scaled the balcony of the Indian Cultural Centre in Kyiv and also turned their anger on the residence of the Indian ambassador in the capital, striking the door with the pole that hoisted Indian flag. The Ukrainian Prosecutor-General’s Office on February 16 opened a criminal case upon desecration of the flag of India by activists.

Feminist activists were protesting against a report that Indian authorities are to scrutinise Ukrainian visa applications as part of a crackdown on immigrant prostitution. Indian consular officials have been told to screen visa applications from women aged between 15 and 40 from several eastern European countries. FEMEN activist Oleskandra Shevchenko said: “Ukrainian women are not prostitutes…we’ve been fighting this image. Shame on India for trying to insult us this way.” 

Infamous for topless protests an administrative protocol was drawn up against the notorious FEMEN leader for violation of the order of organisation and conducting assemblies, rallies, street processions and demonstrations by Ukrainian Government. Indeed these women have gone too far by desecrating the Indian Flag and I think Indian Government should ensure that FEMEN is prosecuted for their slur. Go Topless, go Nude but don’t you dare disrespect our Tri-Colour you FEMEN bitches. I think this group flash their boobs for their 15-minutes of fame rather than for the cause.


5 Replies to “Topless Ukrainian Women Protestors Desecrate Indian Flag”

  1. vish says:

    well yes jay i loved this article….u know when there are protests they are always debates, debates turn into arguments then flat out crazed rage leading nowhere but always vicious cycles….anyways what the MEA did was right….no ones labelling them as all are whores…however most are coz the lust for money can make people do anything…..not just ukrainian women but women from all over the world in our own country too….so whose at fault no one it is called life….if men didnt ask for the demand obviously the supply wud decrease….but then women from india are mistreated too in many countries for better or worse this argument will never end….but yes do whatever the hell u wanna do protest, knock urself out get to the exteme lenghts of insanity do whatever who cares but im gonna quote a dear friend and say “go topless go nude, but Dont u DARE disrespect our Tri-Colour u femen bitches”

  2. archy says:

    hmmm yeah ….no arguments …no debates … u cant play the victim and say Indian govt implies so and so thats y we reacted … what r u preschoolers?! …. stopping people from saying that Ukrainian women should not be generalized as prostitutes is well n good … but hey political correctedness is getting outta hand … lets call a rose a rose … incidents of Eastern European prostitutes heading to India must have prompted the measures and its India’s sovereign right to enforce any and all security measures to protect itself … FEMEN would be more effective in “fighting the image of prostitution” by addressing the issue at home and stopping the women from taking up prostitution rather than muzzling the world. And yeah ….no-one has the right to desecrate another a country’s flag …. I’m not even an Indian … but if u do that to my country’s flag … FEMEN …u will see a side of feminity you’d wish you’d never had.

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  5. north east indian says:

    it is your fault STAY OUT OF INDIA WE DONT WANT YOU IDIOTS THERE! feminist losers!thats why you Europeans are broke as a joke GET A JOB! quit bothering us!

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