LVMH Buys 8% Stake in FABINDIA

The world’s biggest luxury conglomerate – LVMH buying a stake in a non-luxury homespun label built by the BisselsFabindia is not that many would had thought of. But then the L Capital Asia – the Private Equity arm of LVMH formed with a corpus fund of $640 million to invest in local brands primarily in China and India has done just that – taken up 8% stake in Fabindia.

L Capital Asia had earlier bought a 25.5% stake in Genesis Luxury in India and Fabindia comes as the second label in India where LVMH has bought stakes in.

3 Replies to “LVMH Buys 8% Stake in FABINDIA”

  1. Jooce says:

    Excellent news! Thanks for reporting, Jack!

  2. chetan rao says:

    Really and is he not on the FAB India board? What next candidature for PM ship. You never know! Mr Ravi Thakran can do anything for 2 minutes of fame

  3. linda says:

    Expected better from the Bissels. They should have seen through this guys larger than life image.

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