Tanisha – Brand Ambassador of Gucci in India???

The Capital is abuzz with the news that die-hard socialite Tanisha Mohan aka Tashu has been appointed the Brand Ambassador of Gucci in India. I am still in the process of establishing the truth about it as their has been no response from Reena and Ashok Wadhwa, the licensee of Gucci in India.

But I am not surprised if Wadhwas actually appoint Tanisha as the Ambassadress of the Brand in India. Why? Simply because Tashu’s very close friend is the top customer of Gucci in India. Any businesswoman/man would go to all extent in keeping the elite customer of their’s in good humour.

By the way globally the luxury brands don’t have a policy of appointing ‘Brand Ambassadors’. At the most they sign-on a celebrity to endorse the brand through advertisements. Hence I am sceptical how Gucci Headquarters will take to the news of their Indian Licensee appointing a local Brand Ambassador.

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  1. pbriseis says:

    its like Dior not really knowing abt the so called brand ambassador…..kalyani chawla….and now Gucci becoming a victim of this pathetic charade of promotion with classless tanisha…oh god dont people understand these brands are ambassadors of fashion in themselves…they dont need women hungry for Media and publicity to latch onto this golden opportunity…thats why these brands coming to India should be extra careful…it takes years to build enigma and repute and not even days to fall from it…..

  2. amit says:

    I am sure a brand like Gucci doesnt need any brand ambassador to promote them. Have heard they are rocking it right now in Emporio.

    This must be another madam T’s strategy to get publicity and spin a false story as always.

  3. jack says:

    It ain’t false.
    We never post false news or fall for spin-doctors’ gimmicks.

  4. Merlot says:

    … if this is true, then I for one will not shop Gucci in India ! Jack, a few months ago, there was a Hello Magazine ( India ) spread with the said ” socialite ” carrying an orange and black ombre python Birkin. London Hermes shrugged and cringed with a definite ” no comments ” when a friend stated it was a fake. What do you think ?

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