Business of Fashion Year Book 2013

bof-Year-Book_2013-largeImages Fashion, one of the leading publications on fashion trade recently released their annual Business of Fashion Year Book 2013 on the 17th of January 2014 at the India Fashion Forum held in Mumbai.

New Designers On The BlockI was commissioned to write on ‘New Designers on The Block’ and I did so. Ten designers who I feel are all set to bloom in full glory are in the Business of Fashion Year Book 2013.

Here is a PDF file of that story:


4 Replies to “Business of Fashion Year Book 2013”

  1. jack says:

    Agree it ain’t much but never tried to boast that it’s ‘big deal’…thanks for your opinion Manish Ahuja!

  2. Lovely says:

    Congratulations on this article! BTW, do you have any idea why People and Marie Clare magazines were discontinued in India – it all happened so quietly. Thanks

  3. God_ShaReeF says:

    Manish Ahuja,
    This is not a PAID WRITING.
    Hope you might have noticed while scrutinising WHOLE PDF.
    ….. But then Jack is a (s)Killed Writer.
    Commentators are welcome to scrutinize ma comment.
    Hey guys,
    I feel like asking same to Sabina Sehgal Saikia/Nikhat Kazmi for his Writing Skills but alas….
    They are noWhere 🙁

    Kya aapka andar ka god, shareef hai

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