Santa Barbara Shooter Killed Coz Girls Wouldn’t Have Sex With Him

Santa Barbara Shooter's Video

Santa Barbara Shooter’s Video

Case of extreme sexual frustration!

The massacre at UCSB on Friday night — in which 7 people were shot dead — seemed to be triggered by a desperate guy who was angry at women because they would not have sex with him.

0524-elliot-rodger-crime-scene-splash-422-year-old Elliot Rodger posted a YouTube video hours before he unleashed his violence on the streets of Isla Vista — the UCSB community. Rodger is the son of Peter Rodger, the second unit director of the first installment of “Hunger Games.”

Elliot Rodger was killed as he engaged Sheriff’s deputies who responded to the scene.  He died from a gunshot wound to the head, although it’s unclear if it was self-inflicted.

10 Replies to “Santa Barbara Shooter Killed Coz Girls Wouldn’t Have Sex With Him”

  1. fs fan says:

    pl man…. give us a break… MSM posts this. we come here for relaxation and enjoying form the rigmaroles of our life. our daily 10-20 mins of escape. and you post this. not fair 🙁

  2. Colossial says:

    What’s with USA and its gun culture? There are so many mass shootings in which children to college students die.RIP to victims.

  3. God_Shareef says:

    Sexual frustration or mainly man ego is not only about sex ALWAYS.
    Sometimes some Jessica get killed for no concrete.
    This Rodger hunter case is obviously synonym to such.

    Dr Talwar’s frustration for honour killing.

    There are so many cases.
    And thank god Rodger got killed.
    Bacch jaata to Manu ki tarah masturbation karrta, jail mein…
    Poora life.
    Ohhh these killers my gawWwd.
    I swear on that Munshi MadorChad.
    That impotent hijra with biCeps.
    Total khallaas inside.
    I love all the Sabrinas & Mom Kataras of this world.
    My salutation with a big bang on Munshi’s hollow hollow a$$.
    NaaMarad kahin ka.

    Good nite with a sad heart tonite for all the victims “related”…

    Aapka God Shareef
    Jo sacchai ke saath hamesha khada hi rehta hai.
    Maa kasam
    And Munshi thoo tera paidaaiysh par.
    Bye everyOne!!!

    Kya aapke andar ka God, Shareef hai???

  4. Grates on the nerves says:

    Shayan Munshi and the 32 cowards.

  5. buttercup says:

    Gawd.. @godshareef always thought that the father mr. Talwar was not guilty but who knows…

    US needs gun control.. Teens hve access to guns and they go on a killing spree for whatever reasons…

    But then we have acid attacks where the person is damaged mentally and physically.. Isn’t that also a kind of frustration..

    Or honor killing where the couple is tortured to death…

  6. God_Shareef says:

    YesSss my ButterCup
    And please don forget our own jatt dehaaties in dehaat (Rural India).
    Haven’t you ever heard of “Katta”.
    Desi Katta!!!
    Easy access to such seeks gun control even in India.
    4 challe waali (AUDI) gaadi mein ghumte hue these people, hum jaise sophisticated hollow hollow Pg.3 characters ek raat mein khareed lete hain.
    These little gremlins who have suddenly mushroomed from noWhere due to increase in their land and farms rates… ohhhf.
    Par saala Pg.3 log bhi kaun saa kam hai.
    These modern teens are provided with Aston Martins just to kill innocents ONLY and then filling the greedy media coffers with INR to cover up.
    Aye Cup tera butter kam ho gaya kya 🙂
    How dare you have forgotten ‘that’ my ButterCup.
    Tu bhi kya muffat ka butter khaa khaake dementiaite ho gaya???
    What say guys???

    These suppressed, lonely, frustrated feelings are nothing but just born out of “today’s busy parents”.
    Young generation is not enough excited with this fake FACEBOOK or Tweet drops.
    They look out for REAL FUN.
    And it could be even an iceCream outing with so called beloved.
    And moreOver they are not even provided with sex education in such a country which produces maxXximum number of babies in the world.
    Technology has marred the real outCome.
    But then who cares about these innocent hearts if they turn out to be a CRIMINAL.
    Beta to BamBani ka hi kehlaayega naaa…
    Marrte dam tak!!!!!!!

    Aur aapka hi marrte dam tak par God Shareef.
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Kya aapke andar ki God, Shareef hai???

  7. Karan says:

    @ GodShareef… question that always baffles me ……is Mr. Talwar guilty?

  8. God_Shareef says:

    It COULD HAVE BEEN an emotional hastening dear Karan.
    I did probe few first eye witnesses from media in my own style and they all firmly stated and witnessed semen traces on bed sheet.
    This could be a figmentation ONLY.
    But later this incident on being structured gives such jitters that Aarushi & HemRaj were killed in a compromising position by not a criminal but an emotional drunk dad who knew the knitty gritty of eliminating all the possible signs of murder as a qualified doctor on being awaken.
    Even court counted all this and announced him guilty.
    Aarushi usski beti thi, koi dushman nahi.
    Bas ye sab momentory impulsively ho hi gaya.
    I feel sad not only for Aarushi but even for rest of the family.
    40 years old a married HEMRAJ IS THE CULPRIT who ofcourse no more and left a distraught familial version just as Talwar’s.

    SomeWhere even Talwar’s are too responsible.
    She was pampered a lot as a single child.
    She was exposed to the luxuries of life pretty earlier.
    Have you ever seen her pics.
    At 14 she’s been modelled as some actor in all the pics with face makeUp of some 19 years old.
    “Psychological perspective is demanded to all the readers at fashScan while reading this”.
    Why Talwar’s failed to keep a watch on their grown up daughter when you have a battery of male servants in the house.
    Aaisa hi hota hai. When you have abundance of money you fail in other real quarters of life.
    Ab chaato money. Jisske liye kamaai wo to rahi hi nahi.

    So round the circle… i feel that PARENTS or PARENTING needs to be prim, proper in its first place since the birth of a child. You can not compromise on this.
    They should never be overExposed to the luxuries.
    Leke dedo Aston Martin aur chaddwa do innocents par.
    You are powerful, so you’re saved. But what would you do with HEAVY guilty heart for the rest of your life.
    Bambani ka beta… ohhhf
    Phir yaad hai na Ajju ka beta.
    Dilwa do laakhon ki bike aur phir rote raho poora life.

    RIP Rodger!!!

    God Shareef

    Jisske andar ka God shaayad Shareef hai.
    Bye Karan ji.

  9. buttercup says:

    One thing even i agree that when i saw the fotos of arushi even iwas surprised that she had that kinda make up… But then today i see girls hed age doing the same.. Spending more time in front of the mirror constant worrying about weight and stuff when all they should b doing is enjoying life n stuff…

    Aur bade gaadiyo walo k baat hum chote log kya karein.. Public toh bhul b chuki hai…

  10. God_Shareef says:

    Aye ButterCup,
    I will slurp your silk.
    Me too BIG with ma TRUTH.
    I am most powerful on this planet.
    My PAPA used to say, “be like a SUN”.
    You offer ‘jal’ (water) or pee down before the SUN, it never discriminate anyone and never goes on fasting.
    Ek bhi din nahi aaya to socho tera butter kidhar jaayegi and mera sacch kidhar???
    So pleaseeeeeeeeeeee…..

    Don’t ever tag yourSelf as “””chhota log”””.
    You are my favourite baby because you have been blessed with some clear thoughts in your mind which is ALWAYS inquisitive for truth and here you land up (just like me) @ fashScan for our own set of quenches.
    Love you ButterCup.
    We have some gut in our a$$.
    May god bless you baccha.

    Aapka powerFuLLLLLL
    God Shareef
    Jisska andar ka God bohot Shareef hai.
    Atleast koshish to yehi hai…..
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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