Radhika Apte, Nothing Is Hidden In Today’s World

The whole episode of a leaked clip of Anurag Kashyap’s short film for the international market that shows actor Radhika Apte in frontal nudity is getting the desired result for whoever leaked it.radhikaapte-anurag4801

The Censored Clip:



Radhika Apte’s claim that it was not her in the clip and that her face was morphed fell flat on its face the moment Anurag Kashyap came out with the fact that it is his film, shot for the international market and not the Indian market. In today’s world can anything like a movie be geographically separated? The movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is banned in India but those who wanted to see it managed a DVD and saw it in the comfort of their homes. Same happened with the banned BBC documentary – ‘India’s Daughter’.

Anurag Kashyap said, “My story was inspired by a true story and is a very powerful film. It was very difficult to make this short film due to this little sequence in the film of a few seconds that involves the actress to lift her dress and expose her lower front part and needed that very minor partial nudity front shot. It took us so much time to do it in a non-sexual way, as it is meant to be absolutely non-sexual and we took all the care we could”.


Radhika Apte in full consciousness decided to do the scene. If she thought that the movie will never be seen in India, she is being naive. Yes Anurag Kashyap can complain to the police to find out who leaked the snippet of the nude scene if as he claims nobody from his team did it.

6 Replies to “Radhika Apte, Nothing Is Hidden In Today’s World”

  1. namdeo says:

    I am pretty sure Anurag Kashyap leaked the pics himself…..

  2. God_Shareef says:

    Khud hi dikhaati hain, phir roti hain.

    i would have saluted this act of chastity in the name of art for this girl whoever she is as i have never ever heard her name before.
    But her JHOOTHI IGNORANCE & TEARS makes me red.

    Baaki publicity movie ko ab mil hi gaya hai.
    FashionScandal ne bhi mazaa le liya hai.

    You know what happen in such cases & movies, when you make/leak your hi-points intentionally or in an unintensional way, usually it makes noise but then you know how it fares moneyWise?

    You say,
    Chalo yaar, ye hi tha bas iss movie mein, ye MOMENTS to youTube pe FREE MEIN dekho aur chhutti karo.

    AnyHow FRONTAL NUDITY is still not very much accepted as a box office working formula for indian girls except the rare case in Bandit Queen though even Seema Biswas claimed a shot by her double.

    Ab uss zamaane mein morphing hota nahi tha toh iss Radhika ne morphing bol diya.
    Chalo jissne ab jo bhi bola, aap to bas mazaa lo.
    Chaahe koi boht acchi angle/message ki wajah se movie bani ho, iss tarah ka scene ho, but sab ab gurrGobar ho gaya.
    ThanxXx to this controversy, jahan baccha baccha galiyon mein youTube clip dikhaayega and friends ko bolega, dekh dekh kitti besharam heroine hai, poora “scene” “neeche ka” dikha rahi hai yaar.

    Hai naa? Maine sachh bola naa?

    P.S. Anurag BhakShak, Tera to creativity khho gaya, uss chhoti si jagah mein. Aur LEAK karaa.

    Aapki apni, PUBLICITY KI BHOOKHI, Jisski chhoti ab waqt ke saath moti ho gayi.
    Aapki bilkul ussi jagah, chulBuli, NatKhat illu illu,
    Aapki shaitaani aatma, hawas ki pujaaran,
    Aapki hi, ullu ki patthi,
    Huff huff…
    God Shareef 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Kya Aapke Andar ki God, kaafi ANDARR hai??? Bilkul chhoti???

    AnyHow, not interested in indianised black eyed pea full of untidy bushes!!!
    Eeeeek 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Lets pledge, not to give importance to this leaky leaky affaire.
    Koi Katrina ya Ash thode naa movie mein hai yaar….

  3. shivani says:

    Anurag Kashyap wanted publicity for the new movie or what?

  4. chin says:

    I hope you get your facts right. There was only one video clip that was leaked. Radhika never denied the fact that it was her in the clip. A few pics went viral before Hunterrr released, which weren’t radhika’s according to her claim.

  5. namdeo says:

    hey god_shareef i wrote a message to u in preity botox column . but no reply from ur side…..

  6. God_Shareef says:

    Aye NamDeo Baba
    i will do it
    Very soon
    Sometimes you know…
    You know everything in your heart but words are not coming out…
    Actually sometimes i get very tired and my sense of humour plays incommunicado ballet.
    Observing time…
    But please stay tuned @ fashScan.
    Will do YOURS, soon 🙂
    Love you!!!

    Aapki kabhi kabhi phati hui, thaki hui, aapki bilkul wohi,
    Jo aapke andar chhup ke baithi hai,
    aapki haraaman God Shareef.

    Jisske andar ki God, Bilkul Shareef hai.
    Kya aapke andar ki god bhi shareef hai???
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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