India Awaits Supreme Court’s Take on LGBTs & So Does Italy

D&G_Gay familyToday the Supreme Court will deliver their judgement on the archaic law – Section 377, whether it should be scrapped or amended to remove homosexuality as a criminal act. I am a hetro-sexual but I strongly wish that the Section 377 be scrapped totally. Incidentally Italy is going through the same motions, though on bit more advanced matter. Italy is seeing feverish opposition to a bill currently before their parliament to offer limited rights to same-sex couples on a provision that would allow gay people to adopt their partner’s biological children.

Elton-John-David-Furnish-sonsAnd right in the nick-of-time Dolce & Gabbana have done an about-turn and come out with handbags with images of same-sex couples with children. Last year, Domenico Dolce angered many when he used the common derogatory term “womb rental” for surrogacy, which is banned in Italy. His comments drew threats of boycott from the likes of British singer Elton John. Avid Instagram user Gabbana posted photos of handbags and t-shirts adorned with childlike drawings of family groups of two men or two women with children of various ages.

DnG_Fall2015dolce-gabbana-same-sex-mixed-race-families-main__oPtA Instagram user commented “Volta&Gabbana” on the picture of the handbags, a pun on the Italian for “turncoat”, or someone who switches allegiance, to which Stefano Gabbana replied “Yesss”. Opportunist move by D&G indeed!

3 Replies to “India Awaits Supreme Court’s Take on LGBTs & So Does Italy”

  1. namdeo says:

    its not just gay people who need to support this… but also celebs like SRK, Ranbi , Akshay who enjoy pleasures of both the worlds but yet create a highly hetero image in front of people devoid of any kind of homoeroticism

  2. cassandra says:

    Only one comment on this post… This shows how uninterested indian people are in issues of social importance… No wonder looking at the state of country…

  3. jack says:

    You are absolutely right!

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