Sunanda Sharma Looks a ‘Diva’ in her Video – BAN

The otherwise petite and pretty looking Punjabi singer, Sunanda Sharma takes on the diva look for her latest video, Ban. Released just yesterday the video is already doing 4million views on Youtube. Here is the video:

I don’t understand Punjabi but the video takes us to an Utopian world of 2030 when all nations decide to surrender weapons. Shot totally in United Arab Emirates, the video has rugged background with Jihadis giving up their AK-47s while Sunanda twirls in leopard-print Versace dresses. She also indulges in stunts like sitting on SUV driving on just two wheels.

Pretty surprised to see Sunanda favouring Versace over Dolce & Gabbana as just last year she was guest of Dominique and Stefano in D&G’s elite show. Guess the story needed more ‘animal instinct’. The song would do great with DJs and clubs as it got a catchy rhythm.

2 Replies to “Sunanda Sharma Looks a ‘Diva’ in her Video – BAN”

  1. O says:

    the video has been heavily ‘inspired by’ MIA’s bad girls 😀 I would be embarrassed to say its an original!

  2. ABC says:

    Need to contact you Jack, where should I send DM?

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