Shit-Load of Questions…

Hey seen a lot, heard a lot and bottled it up!

There are questions that you need find answers for:

  • Who is the designer who interned with Rina Dhaka right after passing out of a fashion institute but was thrown out because of smuggling out muslin samples?
  • Who are the designers who do bridal-wear plus design wedding cards, tent, menu, return gift and ensures that invitees come dressed in their label? Dude these guys are raking it in.
  • Who is the latest stylist in Bollywood enjoying the perks with the blessings of Karan Johar? Pati-Dev is busy selling tractors in Delhi.
  • Who is the queen of closet full of fake Birkins with a flat in Dubai?
  • Modi-ji should have taken hold of ‘Private Wealth Managers’ than Demonetisation to track black money. Any and every Millionaire in Rupees have offshore accounts.
  • Besides millennials, who are experimenting with psychotropic substances? Their MOMS!
  • How rampant is adultery? VERY! Do wives indulge too? Yes…It’s the age of equality.
  • Who fought an election and lost but thank to in-laws, got Salman Khan to do a commercial for a ‘floor-tile brand’ for cheap? Love ke liye kuch bhi karega!
  • Why decent looking guys after powdering their nose call for ugliest of escorts? And then fail  to perform?
  • Does intelligence and knowledge pay or it’s useless?

43 Replies to “Shit-Load of Questions…”

  1. rahul says:

    good to see you back..

  2. Vishnu says:


  3. FK says:

    Who is the latest stylist in Bollywood enjoying the perks with the blessings of Karan Johar? Pati-Dev is busy selling tractors in Delhi.

  4. jack says:

    Shweta Bachchan

  5. Simonika patel says:

    How rampant is adultery? VERY! Do wives indulge too? Yes…It’s the age of equality.

    Give us the goss without the names Jack.

  6. MM says:

    What are answers of 1,2,4 and 8?

  7. jack says:

    Attempt a guess…

  8. Rockk says:

    Who fought an election??

  9. SM says:

    1. Manav Gangwani
    2. Abu Sandeep
    4. Manyata Dutt
    8. Riju

  10. jack says:

    No, fought from Rajasthan

  11. jack says:

    No.4 is incorrect

  12. Ndt says:

    Come on jack .., give Is the answers !!!!

  13. Nik says:

    Who are these people ? shweta ? Rizu?

  14. Anu says:

    No. 4 is Karisma Kapoor, or Kareena Kapoor, or Sonam Kapoor (in that order)

  15. jack says:

    UFFF… all wrong. Get out of Bollywood. Life exists beyond and in other cities. I am not a Bollywood insider.

  16. jack says:

    Depends if you looped just into Bollywood stories or goss about other cities too. Just be a tambourine man/woman and play your juhunjuna loud and you will get it. I put up a quiz and I don’t need put up answers too.

  17. jack says:

    Get your mind away from B-Town. Life exists beyond

  18. Jyoti modi says:

    Pls give the answers to all the questions too

  19. ABC says:

    Hey Jack, I need to contact you for something important, where should I DM you?

  20. SS says:

    Hi Jack, is shweta bacchan separated from the pati!

  21. Rockk says:

    Salman was featured in somany tiles advertisement.
    But didn’t get any clue about who’s that lady?

  22. Saransh Saluja says:

    Fake birkins is Shilpa Shetty
    Stylist is Shweta Bachchan
    Wedding designers is Abujani Sandeep

  23. jack says:

    FauX Birkin-Tashu

  24. wendy says:

    is scindia gay? is raul his lover?

  25. vedika says:

    Hey Jack. What is going on in Dilli. Aren’t RaGa/Robert/Scindia part of the same farmhouse party circuit?

  26. Vedika says:


    Aren’t Scindia, RaGa, Robert all part of the same farmhouse party circle? Are they not hanging out anymore?

  27. jack says:

    Power is beyond friendship!

  28. Alcie says:

    Hi Jack
    Off topic – Is Disha Patani gay? My gaydar went off when I saw her photo with Tiger’s sis.
    Why do bollywood celebs who are obviously gay like Karan hide? I am sure people in my gen could care less about their s.orientation.
    Thanks! Stay corona safe! Hope you manage to get all the court cases sorted!

  29. Dimpy says:

    @jack Sakshi Salve and Karan Bedi already divorced?

  30. Gossip-diva says:

    Jack, is there any truth to the other telecom twin and ABirla dating?

  31. Cr says:

    @jack I hear trouble in paradise for one of the ambani twins, any truth to that?

    Where is god shareef? I am all for Delhi gossip!

  32. Shreywrey says:

    Wedding bells for the other telecom twin and Arjun and Malaika?

    What is it with Sweta Bachchan and the Nandas/ officially divorced?

    And the Sood-Mayor cheating rumours?

  33. jack says:

    Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant alliance is hardly a rumour and with Merchants being in Healthcare business, things must be good for them. Logic says timing is good for the nuptial knot this year. Addd to this the Jio-Facebook $5.7 Billion bonanza.
    Doubt Arjun Kapoor and Malaika will do it anytime soon. Arjun is in no hurry.
    Sood-Mayor are not worth talking about…

  34. jack says:

    Akash-Anant no trouble. Just brotherly moodswings at times.
    Anant is chilled out amongst the two.

  35. jack says:

    Aadmi hain – aadmi se pyar karte hai
    Well I can inform better if your question is not cryptic. Which twin and which Birla are you enquiring about?
    Your comments here are absolutely anonymous and safe. Your pseudonyms are only visible on this site and even your fake email IDs and IP Address are not visible to any reader or visitor of this site however tech savvy they maybe. All comments are safe.
    On the other hand I take all the risk here and try and satiate your desire for some goss! My ass is on the block and heat is always on me and only me!

  36. Shreywrey says:

    And that’s why we love you and keep coming back for more and more! Thank you for replying and Stay safe Jack!

    I meant Avani Birla and K Mittal (I believe he’s the trying to Hike his way up to do achieve something as opposed to other twin who is lazy settled in London with his wife and kid). Early in the yeat I heard rumours in some Lutyen circles about a potential wedding on the cards between KM and AB? But others are claiming he’s gay and some say he’s just a rich spoilt playboy and a party animal who loves spending daddy’s big bucks on his little pet project app? :/

    Any goss on the Kapur-Sachdev?

  37. Ravi says:

    Arjun may not be in a hurry but Malaika is well into her 50s, surely she’d want to speed things up before someone else comes along and catches his eye??

  38. jack says:

    Good for bleeding telecom sector if it works out.

  39. Pooj says:

    @shreywrey heard the same about Kavin Mittal, a big party animal since uni days, a wannabe Steve Jobs whose only claim to fame is his daddy’s big bucks. If it weren’t for Daddy Mittal and Airtel there is no way his app would have gotten any kind of investment.

    Dont think there is any truth the gay rumours, he has been previously linked with Alia Bhatt, though that could have just been Karan Johan-Bhatt PR going crazy. Avani Birla rumor may be true- I am sure Jack would know more about the Mittals and their skeletons

    Twin brother is even lazier, has taken over the marketing for Airtel Africa, no? Was rumoured to be cheating on his wife recently while she was pregnant

  40. Babs says:

    Damn I miss the good old days with god shareef spilling the dirty south Delhi secrets. This lockdown is driving me insane! Me needs some gossip!

    Hope everything worked out With your legal troubles Jack, stay indoors and safe!

  41. Vedika says:

    Actually. Akash and Isha are twins. I think trouble in paradise might be referring to the later.

  42. jack says:

    That’s what I beleived when you referred to ‘Telecom Twins’…

  43. Shreywrey says:

    @Pooj thanks, Shravan Mittal married his high school sweetheart though no? Surprising to hear he cheated on her. I heard he is managing Airtel Africa and VC funds they have recently launched. Didn’t Airtel crash on the London stock market after launch?

    Kavin Mittal yeah- I have heard the same about his messaging app but atleast he is trying to build something of his own as opposed to his two other siblings? From what I hear rising up the Airtel ranks Their sister Isha is typical south Delhiite, settled in London with her husband who runs a hospitality group with the help of his father in law and his investments.

    @vedika I had meant the Mittal twins- if anything had anything on them but yes I have heard passing rumours about trouble in paradise for Isha Piramil too.

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