Business of Fashion Requires Multiple Skills

sophia oren_dgjp_domenico_custom DG Naples jacketEnough has been written on Dolce & Gabbana’s Naples show. Past weekend, the designer duo Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce staged their 99-look Alta Moda show on the tiny cobbled streets of the city’s oldest quarter before an invited audience of clients and editors. The Italian house’s answer to couture was inspired by Sophia Loren, who grew up not far from the show’s location.

stefano gabbana_jp_after partydomenico dolce_jp_dgwomenswearThis story is more about the designer duo’s heart-warming interpersonal skills. I chanced upon a photograph of Delhi’s flamboyant fashionista – JP Singh partying with Stefano at the after party on the beach on Stefano’s Instagram account. I called up JP  and enquired what’s he doing in Naples. The surdy said that Domenico warmly invited him for this exclusive show and is pampering him.

dominique_jp1No doubt Domenico and Stefano wouldn’t invest time and energy on any tom-dick & harry. JP’s extravagant ways must be an influencing factor but what is interesting thing to note that how designers of one of the world’s top fashion label develop relationship with a prospective client. Domenico asked his assistant, Francesca to get a bespoke jacket painted with Napoli sky on it exclusively for his new friend for the show. Not only that, they even hosted JP at their farmhouse.

dolce-gabbana-alta-moda-show-italyBusiness of fashion is tough. Designers’ creative skills are important but so is the art of building relationship. JP sure is floored by the VIP treatment extended to him by Domenico and Stefano for their men’s show, jewelry show, womenswear show and the extravaganza at Napoli where select 200 guests were invited from world over. In return our Desi dude hasn’t given any business to D&G yet. But relationship building is all about pampering. The fruits come later.

Not often celebrity designers come down from their high-horses. The one who does, win!

7 Replies to “Business of Fashion Requires Multiple Skills”

  1. Lidia says:

    JP is in the house ??

  2. Jp Is in the house ??❤️

  3. Diana Nee says:

    Love his style. JP rocks!!!

  4. Bianca says:

    Jack, since we are talking men’s fashion, what are your thoughts on Suket Dhir? All hype, or real talent? I am left with a rather ‘meh’ feeling regarding design, but it could be that his fabric and workmanship are good, and the latter I have not had a chance to feel or see. So, thoughts?

  5. jack says:

    @Bianca I too share your point-of-view but will probe a bit

  6. Nupur S says:

    Jack– there’s so much talk happening about the recent posts by Rohit Bal and Valaya on their own social media profiles. Even the print media has been reporting it, but I see FS is silent when they were be the only one to report earlier. Do we wait for a big story or its just not worth a story

  7. Hi Jack,

    There are so many blind items about srk and pc these days.. Are they true? If yes why is he still with gauri?

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