‘#Seeking Arrangement’??? Well the Bong Couple Will Oblige

partho-dey-chairman-anurag-multi-state-urban-cooperative-credit-society-ltd-copydimple-fauzdar-copyGood lord…after exploiting the Dubai high society to the hilt, the Bong coupleDimple Fauzdar Ahlawat Dey and Partho Dey are here in Delhi. Mr. Dey is now the Chairman of a Micro-Credit organization that is sponsoring ‘Luxury Events’ like the book launch on Rajesh Khanna. Hope this credit co-operative society is not a Ponzi scheme.


Ms. Fauzdar who was burning the night oil at Dubai’s nightclubs and banging-up in Ferrari has been in Delhi seeking High Networth Individuals (HNI) of Delhi if they would be keen in hosting pool parties with unlimited fun. How many fell for the deal, I am not aware but yes people say that Fauzdar can deliver fully-loaded fun parties.

Now that the husband-wife duo are into micro-credit business, sponsoring luxury events, helping in organizing hot parties and much more, guess HNI guys #seekingarrangement  will make the couple rolling in moolah soon. Just do a Google search for Seeking Arrangement India and you will learn a  lot. (I don’t wish to put up a link of it here.) Such is life daahlings! #seekingarrangement

11 Replies to “‘#Seeking Arrangement’??? Well the Bong Couple Will Oblige”

  1. CuriousKat says:

    India Today and Daily Mail are talking about a BW superstar who is using Dawood’s services to launder money as late as 2012. Any clue who this might be? With most corporate houses out of Bollywood, can this mean Mafia/Terrorist money will be back in BW?

  2. fssilentreader says:

    Jack why did Kartrina and Ranbir break up?

  3. FK says:

    Jack why did Kartrina and Ranbir break up?

  4. jack says:

    You FALL IN love; you FALL OUT of love…natural

  5. Whistleblower says:

    Oh yeah they have some arrangement! I’ve known dimple for far too long now! She first got her grubby paws on Kavita Puri’s husband, Ratul Puri. She made Kavita move out with the kids and made her shift into a hotel for a week or so. Dimple is nothing more than a high paid escort, but she’s not the only one. They’re more women who do the same thing, some of them you’ve covered as well( delhi’s MILFs)…guess who is making the rounds with the political men?!

    A certain disgraced congress member is getting far too cozy with one of the MILF’s…three guesses who?!

  6. Colossial says:

    I have heard that many struggling actors and models are part of this arrangement. So having sugar daddy is the latest way of earning money these days?

  7. jack says:

    U r right!

  8. Give us a break says:

    I don’t use swearing words that much except when it’s beyond comprehensible ugliness.

    What the eff…? There is a crappy site called seeking arrangement with all kind of bs written and that was founded by an MIT grad. Good Lord. Where else money chasing education can come I wonder. Shame on both the founder and users. Both are losers. Shoot man.

  9. Give us a break says:

    Isn’t it illegal to run such sites I wonder. I can’t fathom the introduction to this disaster of an enterprise and what the hell! wonder what kind of shoot is within. Wish those kids who has to seek such crap helplessly, escape that crap and get some buddhi. If these sites become prevalent by any chance it’s guaranteed there will be deep destruction of society and whatsoever values left. Shoot. Not sure if I can read this kind of articles anymore. It’s scary if it’s becoming like this.

  10. Give us a break says:

    Do we need to sacrifice the lives of our young men or women to this failures of a human life I wonder? Can’t even digest that this crappy capitalism brought us this kind of ugly state. I don’t think I will have courage to read anything more here. 🙁 🙁 Enough of fashion or movies with so much ugliness behind.

  11. Colossial says:

    @Give us a break This happens all the time. Right now they are doing escort service publically. Many guests in 5 stars use their services all the time. They pay a lot for these services. It is generally used for business negotiation.

    Jack I have head that many Bollywood actors irrespective of gender provide these services for a 8 figure amount. Is it true?

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