New ‘Gold-Diggers’ Prowling the Parties

Ruby-Dhalla-during-the-Royal-Salute--Maharaja-of-Jodhpur-Golden-Jubilee-Cup-bash-held-at-hotel-Taj-Mansingh-New-Delhi-on-November-21-2012Nilofer WaniThis is a article published in 2013. Find mention currently because now there are Teen Deviyan - Ruby, Nusrat and Tanisha, the BFFs who were partying pre lockdowns and couldn't wait for it to end so the good times roll on. 

Who is this Nilofer Wani? Any idea folks??? All I know that she is originally from Kashmir and then married a brassware guy and moved to Moradabad. Nilofer is omnipresent at any and every do in the Capital and tags along with Ruby Dhalla. She hangs around with Ruby Dhalla, ex Member of Parliament, who too is there at every party, invited or sukhbir badal_ruby dhallanot. What's Ruby's trip these days? She claims to be very close to the Badals of Punjab, specifically Sukhbir Badal but I am sure she doesn't have any scope of entering politics in India as she is a Canadian citizen. So is partying and gate-crashing is all that Ruby does with Nilofer Wani in tow??? 


ruby's b-grade movie stintDimpleYes they crashed the anniversary bash of a rich Delhi entrepreneur and this time they had a third gold-digger, Dimple Fauzdar (who though has fallen out after Nilofer befriended Ruby.) in the gang. Dimple is a nondescript party crasher with a not-so-holy image and has a husband parked in Dubai. The way the trio were falling over rich men at this party it was vividly evident what they were up to. Their brazen behaviour embarrassed even the most progressive ladies of ladies.

The trio of Nilofer, Ruby and Dimple are often spotted on ‘Page Trash’!

Folks would love to know more about them so write back.

12 Replies to “New ‘Gold-Diggers’ Prowling the Parties”

  1. RAJ AGARWAL says:

    Your story is VERY TRUE but you should also ask who is PAYING THE BILLS OF THE EX MP AND WHY ?

  2. jack says:

    Mr. Raj Agarwal why don’t you let us know who are these powerful men who paying the bills of these gold-diggers??? I have welcomed information from all.

  3. God_ShaReeF says:

    Aye Aye
    Just Leave Yaara…
    They are Diggers of Grave???
    Ohhh these Lovely Moles
    Spare them
    We need SUCH “Fancy”
    There are more controversial matters, they can be probed…
    … And Thank You JD for providing such (JSL) Juicy-Saucy-Lacy PettiCoats for ToniteDreams…
    Yummy 🙂

  4. lovegossip says:

    What about the other sister? Nusrat Wani? Also there is something shady about this Saloli Kumar. I have often seen her hanging around rich men with a wannabe looking guy, who she claims is her husband or what!

  5. Anthead says:

    What’s the dope on this Fauzdar woman? She’s apparently married to some loaded Bong businessman and lord knows there are only a handful of those – so what does this husband of hers do anyway?

    Also Dimple mata is hilarious – I once read an interview of hers where she claimed she was one of the few fashionable and stylish women in Kolkata – umm…yeah if stylish means tacky gold digger, sure.

  6. ashish says:

    well folks , its a common trend where someone invites Nilofer Wani , her too eager sister Nusrat Wani tags along uninvited .The tag buy one get one free fits suitably for the sisters . hahahahah

  7. Lella says:

    Guys ,I guess dead dudz on the block bring it on boys n girls.. please lemme knw who among these so called pretty ladies brag about their so called political families , if at all they are related . i have heard these diggers boast that their brother is a minister their uncle in some congress health minister . president of India is their uncle and so on and on . shameless creatures indeed

  8. lella says:

    Anthead … Dimple mata’z uncle is our very honorable President .. this is quoting her …the truth is there for all of us to search and Wani sisters have minister brother and Mp’s in the family from Kashmir .

  9. Evangeline says:

    All I know about Nilofer Wani Alam is my friend Ahmed Alam’s mom

  10. Tanisha says:

    I wonder whats their link in Dubai , half the time they are spotted in clubs in Dubai with some female pimps :S

  11. Tanisha says:

    I’m talking about the wani sisters

  12. Adeem says:

    There is sure something fishy about them I almost came very close to know the truth

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