Page 3 going Dynastic

We cribbed about Indian Politics turning dynastic – The Gandhi dynasty, the Karunanidhi dynasty, the Sharad Pawar dynasty, the Mulayam dynasty, the Jaswant Singh dynasty, the Rajnath Singh dynasty and many-many more.

We also cribbed about dynastic rule in Bollywood – the Kapoor khandaan, the Bachchan khandaan, the Roshan khandaan and the Khan khandaans.Now the dynastic trends are plaguing Page 3 schmoozers. Suddenly I am discovering the Dolly Aunties are taking along their daughters and sons to pose with them to carry on the Page 3 mantle forward. Now whenever I see Neeta Lulla, I see her with Nishka Lulla. Same goes for Delhi designer Reynu Taandon and her daughter Nikita and son Rahil and choreographer Rashmi Virmani and Gopalika Virmani. Tanisha Mohan toh already training her 2 year old toddler. But uski toh life hi Page 3 hai! I wonder why the tabloid editors put those pictures up. I mean what happened to the very definition of Page 3 shenanigans? Seems there ain’t no definition anymore. Maska lagao aur Page 3 mein aa jao. Wah bhai Wah!

28 Replies to “Page 3 going Dynastic”

  1. Anthead says:

    I think Nishika would definitely figure in any top 10 list of the most tasteless and tacky Indian designers. Her personal sense of style is basically delusional Barbie meets Pattaya streets. Who is Reynu Tandon?

  2. Beth says:

    Page 3 = Boring boring boring. No one is ever doing anything interesting.

  3. preeti says:

    they should start a page 4 for the more interesting folks such as myself 🙂

  4. prem says:

    i’m tired at looking at mothers and aunties on page 3, where are the single ladies?

  5. ck says:

    worst part Aunties don know how to dress them selves , what fashion is ? posing as the generator of fashion, someone tell them how horribly dressed these wannabe s are, talk abt fashion god knows what knowledge they carry, moolah can hide a lot of their wannabe s …

  6. raam says:

    look at reynu tondon !!! god save some one !! eeeeeeew! well jaydeep heads off to you, i think the young designer who don suck or has no blue chips to through around deserve better! at least the talent survives.

  7. anonymous says:

    every day, every event you go attend there’s just tanisha mohan, neeva jain, anjali chawla who just sent us an invitation to some cockails at an embassy on thursday with a box of palak as a gift {!!!!}… please give us some fresh faces … models [genuine, not super-wanabe; interesting people from a cross-section of careers; interesting neighbourhood gems not just the paid-for parties puhleeees

  8. romita sen says:

    next thing on page 3: ad singh’s party at LAP Gardens on friday with installations by their favourite ASHISH SONI [didnt he just do it very recently?]. LAP says they want to honour designers who are members so where does that leave Rohit Gandhi-Rahul Khanna or Rohit Bal who invested in the design????????? Or is there a political clique here as well? GAWD!

  9. Anthead says:

    Why is AD hosting parties at LAP? Doesn’t he have his own space?

  10. juggy says:

    I looked at page 3 today and all I saw were ‘aunties’. Over the hill old ladies in desperation trying to hold on to their youth by being in page 3 – it’s both ugly and sad.

  11. bobby says:

    Off late page 3 is all about the women from CIS nations…A lot of people are avoiding being photographed for …paying to be featured on P3 is the height of desperation…..

  12. jack says:

    LAP is co-owned by AD Singh

  13. here there says:

    WHAT I HATE ALL THESE MAJOR CLUBS STANDING UP FOR THESE SO CALLED PAGE 3 PEOPLE…places like f bar , lap,,,urban, they will do anything and go as low as possible to host these non spenders rather then page 3, where they can’t afford a beer at times but they get all the glitz free publicity, ask one of them what they to at they time, what funny, one night they say, i am a designer, second night i am journalist, third night i am model, they will do anything for that drink but they don’t have the guts to spend penny of their own, places like f bar and major clubs in delhi, should…i really look in once again what kind of people they letting in..i rest my case right here…!!!!

  14. rajesh says:


  15. Beth says:

    Someone asks me and I say “I am no one”. Or an artist which is true but still there is never any good reason for me to be there.

  16. juggy says:

    i tell them i’m unemployed and they usually run the other way, the ones that stay i buy them a drink…when the ‘runners’ find out who i really am (i run my own multi-hundred million dollar fund), then the come and try to kiss my fat arse 🙂

    i get a laugh out of it everytime…

  17. hmmm says:

    what is their claim to fame of most of the people who feature in page 3. some firang babses partying in FIO get featured in todays page 3. if FIO feels it will get a lots of business to them. All the best . All these babaes cannot even afford a drink on their own. Likewise a pool party in five star. Does anyone know people who got faetured in that article ? Delhi Times is worst. why not top boss ?

    page 3 has lost complete credibility Intelligent professionals from different walks of life today shy away from page 3 or really dont give any importance to it. There was a time intelligent art/design/fashion/industry meets/industrailists duos used to be printed and now its white skin and some desparate and bored housewives/girl friends of riches or girls who are smart enough how to use this media to get famous and earn expensives bags from rich dudes for a ride on motor boats with them.

    and yes these aunties, they will make their kids yet another suffferrers from IDENTITY CRISIS.

  18. Pondering says:

    Ugh. all these socialites of Delhi and Bombay are tired and ugly. Seriously, can’t they get normal, interesting, cross genre peeps covered. Who is this Tanisha Mohan? what an ugly witch! She’s horrible looking. Please photograph pretty people. Pretty, skinny, interesting, people. Make us want to read page 3. Noooobody wants to see ugly old ladies when are there many hot chicks around and i don’ mean the paid Russian ones.

  19. Mike1 says:

    Went to URBAN PIND on Friday night , there was a party on the roof top .. my turn to trash it. Terrible place please shut it down … every wannabe model in town.. wanna be choreographers … people who have used serious JUGAD to get passes… jesus christ… to add to the crowd … A marketing executive at Hewlett Packard who behaves like he owns the company dancing on a sofa with another guy !!! (hey no offense to gay men .. some of nicest friends are gay … ) What also cracked me up were the bouncers … they had attitude !!! hahahahaha .. WHAT A SHIT HOLE ….

  20. Beth says:

    This is why I have stopped going out. The crowds are ….mind numbing. I would rather wait for Ibiza in summer when you have a nice crowd of happy locals, talented artists etc. I am a “firang” but I usually have something to offer a party by way of intelligence and conversation and can certainly afford to buy my own drinks. I think I just got tired of vicious women inspecting each others clothes and jewelry and also too many people just standing around doing nothing, adding nothing and being nothing. This is why I never explain that I am an artist because I don’t want to discuss it with most of the people around me. Meh. This is Delhi. It is in its way…very provincial. And I’ve lived here six years.

  21. Anthead says:

    Beth, every city is provincial in its own way – there’s just a lot of insularity despite cosmopolitan pretensions. This is as true of New York and London as it is of any Indian city. If you’re an artist, you’d probably enjoy hanging out with serious artists who don’t really care about this scene.

    Really sorry, but Ibiza over the years has become the worst kind of Northern European trash magnet a la Mykonos. If I had to choose a European island to spend my summers on, I’d rather go to Hydra or Skopelos in Greece or Ischia in Italy. Or go to Dubrovnik in Croatia instead which has plenty of sailing, which I love.

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