Backstabbing Muah-Muah Friends

( is in possession of the ‘Anonymous’ slanderous letters mentioned below.) Delhi’s so-called high-society can be real bitchy and very nasty. Recently the hi-soc schmoozers got the taste of it! All that fake Muah-Muah, My dearest daahling and Bro bullshit flew out of the window and true colours were revealed. The latest trend to bitch […]

Page 3 going Dynastic

We cribbed about Indian Politics turning dynastic – The Gandhi dynasty, the Karunanidhi dynasty, the Sharad Pawar dynasty, the Mulayam dynasty, the Jaswant Singh dynasty, the Rajnath Singh dynasty and many-many more. We also cribbed about dynastic rule in Bollywood – the Kapoor khandaan, the Bachchan khandaan, the Roshan khandaan and the Khan khandaans.Now the […]