Are Yana Gupta’s ‘No-panty’ shots deliberate?

Yana Gupta faded in to oblivion post her Item Number – Babuji. I only got to see her on board the Kingfisher, telling me how to tie my seat-belt. But post her ‘No-Panty’ picture, Yana is back in the reckoning. “For past three weeks I have been rehearsing for a particular dance television show. While doing all the splits and various crazy dance moves, I kept getting irritated by my panties getting stuck in my ass”, is how Yana explained her ‘No-Panty’ moments.

But then how would Yana explain getting shot ‘No-Panty’ at other occasions too? Wonder if all this is just a gimmick to stay afloat!

By the way, veteran actress, Mita Vashist too had an embarassing moment when she was captured by paparazzi flashing the thong in slitted dress. This definitely seems like an accident.

4 Replies to “Are Yana Gupta’s ‘No-panty’ shots deliberate?”

  1. Beth says:

    No one does this by accident. It’s a calculated (and counts on a terrible naivete in the viewers to buy its innocence) and deliberate move, but being done in a country where it’s absolutely not acceptable. It’s not really acceptable anywhere which is why it tends to be the sleazy people that do it. Paris Hilton, Britney, Kate Moss….. Which tells us everything we need to know about the intelligence and standards of the person pictured.

  2. rishi says:

    yana’s move does looks delibrate, but mita seems to wear one like a bikni style with a string on sides which could be seen here

  3. hmm says:

    super DISGUSTING

  4. ruby says:

    this is deliberately done.

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