‘Kanimozhi – Raja’ Affair gathers Steam

Now that Kanimozhi too seems to be involved in the 2G Scam, the city is buzzing with the ‘Kanimozhi-Raja’ love affair. It is an open secret that Mr.Karunanidhi’s daughter – Kanimozhi and the 2G scam tainted Raja are having an affair. This has been widely reported in the local Tamil press. This is also the reason why Karunanidhi’s son had that infamous fight with Raja at the Delhi airport questioning him about his relationship with Kanimozhi – despite being married. In fact the ‘affair’ finds mention in Radia – Tata phone conversation

Kanimozhi married Athiban Bose in 1989 and later divorced him and got married the second time to G.Aravindan and then divorced him too!

48 Replies to “‘Kanimozhi – Raja’ Affair gathers Steam”

  1. Voyage says:

    What a filthy life these people lead..of corruption and cheating

  2. Voyage says:

    P.S If possible, can you please update posts at a much regular pace? LoL, I’m kind of addicted

  3. jack says:

    Sure Voyage, I will keep your suggestion in mind!

  4. There are times that i dont read more than two lines but i think that your blog can be an exception. Cheers !

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  7. Very interesting. 🙂

  8. jas says:

    I want to fuck kanimozhi

  9. ruckfules says:

    Wow…wat a cute couple…LOL why on earth an wise lady like kanimozhi got entangled with a silly personality & dirty face man like Raja…she could have had fun with any of the young tamil film superstars.

  10. Very interesting. 🙂

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  12. Prajaranjan Reddy says:

    dirty politicians, dirty relationships, people should have minimum commonsense while electing these type of politicians. any way tamil people doen’t have the commonsense

  13. Riyan says:

    These kind of Womens to be fucked by street dogs……. daaarrr…

  14. Thiyagarajan says:

    Mr Riyan

    Street dogs are better than Mr A Raja ! Are you satisfied then ? Why are you insulting those street dogs ?

  15. EXPRESSTHREE says:

    this south will submerged in the sea due to sin

  16. Kris says:

    She is quite HOT. Even at this age, maintains a very ****able body.

  17. Tamil Ezmal says:

    kanimozhi is a beautiful young lady, she is now about 42 years old with full of estrogen. She needs more of any man for her personal comfort, and that is basic need, just as taking food. She tried ‘her comfort zones’ with two marriages but ended up divorcing them, as they not fit enough for this lady. Raja, probably got attracted to her as she is very nice looking. Nothing wrong, two adults, both divorced, perfectly legal, qualified – no doubts. But really she needs to contact Swami Nithyananda (he is no longer with Ranjitha and has no work either) for better service.

  18. Nanda says:

    Kanimozhi…..please listern to this…You are a lady from a very big , fame family in tamilnadu.You father,brothers….all are very big people…why have you done like this…you know what you have lost….and what is left with you…I fell there is nothing left….We are humans we make mistakes.So, stop all this scams and be a good human.I pray god to give you courrage and step you out of this hell situation.

  19. RAV says:


  20. kannan says:

    Nice kanimozhi

  21. GG says:

    Really she is hot … I wish I get a chance (even a one night stand will do) with Kanimozhi

  22. Sri says:

    I agree with Mr.Nanda.
    He is perfect and gentle.
    I feel sorry on the other comments, we shall not degrade ourselves by throwing such a comments on her, whatever may be her involvements in the scam or with Mr.Raja.
    This type of comments are not good for the society

  23. Sri says:

    If really any moderators are there in this site and they are good, please remove such ill-comments
    I am not supporting Raja or Kanimozhi, but for the sake of our society, I am writing this

  24. VIJAY says:

    Kanimozhi will soon be meeting Raja in jail to continue their affair.

  25. Ragzen says:

    Nothing wrong in relationship of Raja (King) eating Kani (Fruit). This must be withing four walls of a room and not in the four fences of the country. Above, both are also good at doing successful corruption. Kudos to both of them making the most nasty picture of Tamil in the world.

  26. ganesh says:

    cho has relation with jaya sushma swaraj has affair with advani son

  27. rajeev bansal says:

    karunanidhi’s family itself is a incest family. even karunanidhi has affair with kanimozhi. (their action will be in synonymous with what nd tiwari done at raj bhawan

  28. True Indian says:

    kanimozhi should be raped in tihar jail repeatedly by gorilas and raja should get aroused by seeing that but he cant screw her, and by hearing this news Karunanidhi should get heart attack & leave this world once for all… so that Sun will never raise again for Tamil-nadu.. I mean the Raising Sun..

  29. moon says:

    That seems superior but i’m just still not so certain that I prefer it. Anyway will look more into it and decide personally! 🙂

  30. Gundappa says:

    Dear Kanimozhi,

    People make sins and get rid of it by washing it by bequthing everything they have for a good cause you must have read in paper and different channel many celebrities and business tycons have done it.

    You will not even get bail until you return the money yu have made out of this bad deal. Eventhough you say the entry has been reversed (50MN$) in 2Gscam.CBI sleuth could nail down you. You and ur party have lost both in centre and state too.

    u have to pay that you have received..finally human being needs maximum couple of lacs per year.. This tonns of money will not be any use to you and family. you are the richest in Indian nation and neighbouring countries too. Even Sr Supreme court reputed counsel can’t save ur sould.

    Please for good and God sake return every penny u have received so far……..illgotten money can’t help you. you will have a better future tomorrow…Supreme court has instructed all court in India that it will monitor this @G spectrum case. Father has to earn and children has to enjoy(Money ) and the bad debt too has to be repaid by next generation. In your case if you don’t listen to your inner soul ur next generation has to face the wrath of bad omen. I hope u will definately thoughtfully reconsider and denounce the illgottne money atleast clear your soul.


  31. Indian says:

    Comments are really good!! people like kanimoli,raja karunanithi,etc,etc must be ruled out of the country!! A new youthful energetic emerging politicians must be elected to bring out new products and to formulate our nation . All youth tamilians must watch the telugu movie”LEADER” to get rid off this corrupted society and must be able provide a developed nation to the future generation.

  32. Indian says:

    well said True indian

  33. B Sridhar says:

    The family of Karunanidhi has brought disgrace to the State of Tamil Nadu by taking it to the number one spot in the list Corruption – a State that was respected by all for its culture, spiritual activity, hospitality, education and health care. Shame of on Dr. Karunanidhi. I feel ashamed to call myself a Tamilian. Your entire family should commit suicide.

  34. B Sridhar says:

    The Congress and its leaders should apologize to the entire nation for not only delaying the proceedings in the 2G Spectrum Scam but for supporting it as well. Mr Kapil Sibal had said a couple of months ago that there was no loss to the exchequer – what does he say now?

  35. B Sridhar says:

    Instead of building stadiums the Government should start building jails on war footing. It is the first priority now. You need to make way for the entire Karunanidhi family, Kalmadi and his group and possibly the entire Congress.

  36. Kutchikari says:

    Ey kanimozhi, paathiyaa? un soothukulla virala vuttu aattittanunga? un kodhiya virichu molagava sorugitanunga? un kaaya pesanju paal vyaabaram pannitaanunga? paathiya? un paruppai eduthuttanunga? ungappan engadi ponaan? 3 pondattikaara nayee nakkava poyirundhaan? nee rajavoda kunja sappum podhu azhagiri paathuttanille? adhanale avanukku nattukuchu illa? appuram ennachu? delhi airportla raja kunjai pudichu illuthaana? podi, poi tihar jail wardenoda paduthu elundiri, appavavadhu vudaranaa paapom. ngommale…

  37. swapnil says:

    Hey I think that Kanimozi is the sexiest diva in indian politics. If she is having an affair with A Raja then its ok. If she is not satisfied with her two husband’s then she need to remain happy with someone like him.

  38. swapnil says:

    I am agree with sreedhar

  39. ajit says:

    The Male Inmates in Tihar Jail should take turns non stop and f*** her inside out and parade her nude all over the jail precincts. Just look at her thighs and bust, all fed up with 2G money looting the poor common man’s coffers. Insert a rod in her a** and puchi and make her cry in pain for the rest of her life. she should not die soon, continuous f***ing day in day out will keep her in pain and complete trauma. Rather the lady wardens in her Cell in Tihar should harass her every moment.

  40. NAG says:

    She is born out of affair and known for affairs with money HAS ENOUGH GUTS TO HAVE RELATIONSHIP WITH WHOM ever SHE WANTS.
    t Raja is s useless thief black lowtastel donkey good for fucking sory dogs.
    i am wondering kanaimozhi has a taste for donkeys and that is why she has taken black donkey RAJA WHO HAS LOOTED THE NATION.
    But it is their personal affair but both planned to loot the country with 2 g scam AND they should retrurn the mony no bail at any cost.
    RAGUL u are a cheat you congress beggars were telling that there is no 2 g scam it is only supreme court that should take credit for booking 2 g scam fraudsters
    your mother is stilll to be booked
    Dont cheat public by telling congress is doing all this,

  41. krish says:

    raja has a very low taste

  42. S.V.Ramanan. says:

    The same Aravindan is accompanying Kanimozhi right now,and during her imprisonment as well!
    Are they really divorced?
    My information is that they are.
    Now they are together!?
    Well,Karunanidhi has set an example for his children.
    He has a Concubine whom he calls ‘Thunaivi'(Companion)-Kanimozhi’s Mother.
    Pillar of Morality, this family, well qualified to talk about Kannagi,Chastity and Tamil Culture.

  43. Gayatri Ranganathan Subbalaxmi Mahalaxmi Venugopalan Iyer says:

    Raja and is whole family consists of fucking dogs!!!!

  44. Amar says:

    Kanimozhi and A Raja are street dogs. They should be shot dead so that India can prosper. Real Bitch and Bastard.

  45. asen says:

    her bro stalin also once raped a tv newsreader

  46. Punukulu Rajdev says:

    Kani has a devine ass. Should be ….. repeatedly in herto keep her in pain till she returns the stolen Rs200 crores of public money.

  47. Raj Kundra says:

    Now, both got out and became Divine. Who can know how these things turn this way into good times.

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