Who is Bilawal Bhutto Smooching? Hina Rabbani???

Hina Rabbani Khar’s torrid affair with Bilawal Bhutto has rocked Pakistan for sure though both Rabbani and Bilawal denied the reports. The reported love affair came to light when Bilawal and Khar were caught in compromising position at Zardari’s official residence. Here are some pictures of the ‘so-called’ Bilawal and Rabbani’s ‘compromising position’. Bilawal Bhutto is clearly visible in the pictures where he is passionately smooching a woman. But is the woman Hina Rabbani Khar? I have my doubts as the girl in the picture is heavier than Hina. Waaaddddyyyaaaa Say???

However sources say that Hina (35) and Bilawal (24) will get settled in Switzerland and Hina will leave her two daughters with her husband after divorce.

7 Replies to “Who is Bilawal Bhutto Smooching? Hina Rabbani???”

  1. Ravi says:

    Foreign Minister having an affair with President son, a married women having an affair, is Pak listening?

    Though they are denying these rumors, have also heard huge thru other channels.

    Good work Jack, keep us posted.

  2. jingaloo says:

    I think this snaps were taken during his Oxford days. He used to be a party animal there.

  3. jingaloo says:

    * these I meant

  4. sunshine says:

    Hina is HOT ( Yes, I am a girl and No, I am not lesb)…I’d say go for it girlie…her husband looks stuck up…This younger guy and the Hina will look good ….ditch the hubby Hina..d’ya hear me?

  5. hamid says:

    she is not hina rabbani because hina rabbani wearing shalwar qamez not paint and shirt

  6. noor says:

    I think if hina rabbani khar wants to have some fun we should not have an objection, because it is her property she can let in anyone she likes

  7. badmaash says:

    yeah noor u r absolutely wrighghgh but we are humans not animals………..

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