Gaultier’s Ode To 80s Pop-Icons @ Paris Fashion Week S/S 2013

Theatricality is a Gaultier specialty. And it wouldn’t have been an ’80s pop-themed Paris fashion week show without the lights and props and dancing troupe to go with it. The Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2013 show was an homage to all the greats from the 80s (and some 70s, too)–like Madonna, Boy George, and Michael Jackson. There were even KISS impersonators sitting front row!

Grace Jones: Part android, part human, Grace Jones was a muse to many in the 80s. Her penchant for strong shoulders and sharp features are unmistakable.Madonna“Borderline,” Desperately Seeking Susan, fishnets stockings used as hair ties–not to mention, Madonna was the originator of the arm party. She was so damn cool in the 80s.Madonna circa “Blonde Ambition: Jean Paul Gaultier, of course, introduced the cone bra to the world on Madonna’s bosoms during her Blonde Ambition tour. And that high ponytail? Cheerleaders around the world still wear that.More Madonna: Jessica Stam looks eerily, creepily exactly like Madonna here (center). Is it the eyebrows? Something.Annie Lennox: Doing androgyny like no one else.Michael Jackson: There’s plenty of Michael Jackson inspiration to go around. Love the little shrunken jackets. Philip Treacy too did a MJ inspired show at his comeback at London Fashion Week.Boy George: Karlie Kloss is Boy George here. I don’t think she should have any problems with a Halloween costume this year.David Bowie: Bowie as Ziggy Stardust has obviously influenced fashion and magazine covers forever. This super literal translation may never make it into production but it’s very fun to look at.Sade: From the eyebrows to the sleek hair and signature hoops, Joan Smalls and company are total “Smooth Operators”.

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  1. Laveena says:

    Great post. “Madonna was… so damn cool in the 80s.” Madonna will always be cool, she is the original queen of reinvention with the most inspiring style.

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