How would you feel if U spot 3 Dollies in ditto outfits at a do?

Well this thing is bit dated. Recently Hello Mag co-hosted a Derby affair at Mumbai’s Race Course at Mahalakshmi. Nothing great to write home about the do. The usual splattering of stale Page 3s but what caught my attention was three women wearing same outfits (with a slight variation in colour) at the do. It’s a fashion disaster. Isn’t it???

Just see the pix below: Simone Singh, Hello editrix, Ruchika Mehta and a Poorna Patel, the daughter of our Civil Aviation Minister, Praful Patel who is also the IPL’s ‘Hospitality’ Manager wore identical outfits. Seems like the ensemble was part of the invite. My learned readers of this blog enlightened me that Pria Kataria PuriI is the designer of these Pucci(sh) print kaftans (which I feel are perfect for women who want to hide unsightly bulges) with slits on the sleeve but it seems to have caught the fancy of Mumbai dollies. Anyway I always thought Delhi is way ahead when it comes to fashion!

7 Replies to “How would you feel if U spot 3 Dollies in ditto outfits at a do?”

  1. B says:

    Chal, at least the print is different.

    But man, what’s happened to your site? No more awesome news? Just the usual, normal news like the rest of the websites?

  2. garima says:

    the designer is Pria Kataria Puri, it seems her kaftans are quite the rage amongst society ladies. And the girl you couldnt identify is Poorna Patel..minister Praful Patel’s daughter.

  3. Eleanora says:

    These fugly dresses are by Pria Kataria Puri! Utter graphic monstrosity.

  4. jooce says:

    Knowing the style of these women they probably just laughed it off…
    Any true fashionista will swear off a designer if she saw everyone wearing the same stuff – it’s no longer cool or chic.
    We have so much talent around but it’s designers like the one mentioned above get all the publicity (and clients) – thanks to all the riches of the designer of such repetitive maternity gown-like rags!

  5. raam says:

    i so agree with you !! jooce !

  6. Anthead says:

    Pria Kataria Puri it is – that woman has absolutely no taste whatsoever. Her USP is those godawful kaftans. I’m assuming there’s a moneybags husband somewhere in the background funding this woman’s designer delusions.

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