Kunal Malhotra of Hotel Crowne Plaza to wed Shruti Kapur

Hotelier Kunal Malhotra who runs the Hotel Crowne Plaza with his elder brother, Luv Malhotra is soon tying the knot with Shruti Kapur, the Editor & Publisher of Platform. Shruti is also the cousin of Sanjay Kapur and Mandira Koirala and belongs from the family that own one of the largest auto-ancillary business – Krishna Maruti Group.

The parties have started and last Saturday, businessman Mohit Jain, who is married to Shruti’s sister, Shreya hosted a mega bash at his farm. It was a wild party that saw the who’s-who of Delhi boogieing on much beyond dawn. In fact some headed straight for various Holi parties post this night long revelry celebrating Kunal Malhotra and Shruti Kapur’s forthcoming wedding.

A wild party definitely generates some spicy gossip and so did this one. There was a major scene between a brother and a sister over his new love. But more on that later!

3 Replies to “Kunal Malhotra of Hotel Crowne Plaza to wed Shruti Kapur”

  1. Anthead says:

    Isn’t someone from that family (possibly the brother) also married to Shiv Nadar’s daughter Roshni? Or have I got that wrong?

  2. jack says:

    Anthead u r right!

  3. kamal says:

    best wishes..

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