Imagine the furore if Bunga-Bunga scam would had happened in India

Photos from Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister’s infamous “bunga bunga” parties have been leaked, and they’re … kind of sizzling. Imagine the scene at Lok Sabha if any top Indian Parliamentarian was involved in such a sleazy scam…

Old Man-Berlusconi reportedly likes his ladies dressed as sexy Santas is also a fan of the sexy cop, as evinced by the photo of showgirl Barbara Guerra above. He also likes to watch ladies make out with each other. The photos were apparently seized from the laptops and cameras of Berlusconi’s female guests. According to the Telegraph, they’re part of the 20,000 page dossier the prosecution has compiled on Berlusconi — which, if the pics are any indication, is shaping up to be Italy’s Starr Report. Berlusconi’s trial starts on April 6 — it looks like it’ll be a wild ride.

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