Love ke Liye Kuch bhi Karega

Guess what’s the hottest gossip doing the rounds at Delhi and Mumbai’s cocktail circuit? Well it’s the old murmur floating about, – ” what’s cooking between Sanjay Kapur (better known as Karisma Kapoor’s hubby) and Priya Sachdev Chatwal?”

The simmering murmur and catty whispers caught fire when at a party last weekend many witnessed Sanjay taking major offense to his sister, Mandira having an altercation with Priya. He shouted at Mandira and literally asked her to **** off ! Li’l birdies say that it was quiet a scene with tempers flaring, shoutings and eventually love winning over blood!

Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya? Denials will be slammed but we at were the first to smell that’s something cooking between Sona Munda and Chatwal Bahu!

6 Replies to “Love ke Liye Kuch bhi Karega”

  1. GossipBoo says:

    Love can indeed conquer anything. Be it a wife/husband, kids, coke (of every kind), and gossip too! 😉 Wonder how big this wedding will be.

  2. B says:

    why don’t they just get married? i’m sure the kids prefer to be brought up in a stable home rather than stay in that kind of house

  3. Anthead says:

    I saw a TV show a while back on which Govinda called Karisma a “gaai bachcha” (as docile as a cow). Unfortunately, she really seems to be such a doormat in her personal life – first with the whole Abhishek fiasco and now this.

  4. B says:

    @Anthead…yeah it really does seem so. Man, that girl needs to stand up for herself!

  5. GG says:

    She is Babita’s doormat. Her mother has walked all over her life and made bad decisions for her.

  6. rumor mill says:

    wher is Karishma in the whole equation??? did she walk out on sanjay already..cuz he wldnt proclaim his love to the wrld if lolo was with him.

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