Gwen Stefani Claims Michael Angel Dress As Her Own Design

As part of the auction at this year’s amfAR Gala in Cannes, Gwen Stefani put her evening’s attire — a lacy black dress that she’d also worn earlier in the day for a L’Oreal photo shoot — up for auction, raising over $125,000. The gown was billed as “a creation of her own, by L.A.M.B.,” but Michael Angel’s studio is now saying that he custom-designed the dress for Gwen, complete with lacework from his fall 2010 collection.

A representative explained on the phone that Angel has worked with both Gwen and L’Oreal before, but was wrongfully credited as just a stylist while Gwen took the credit for the design, stating: In choosing [a dress for amfAR], we just said, ‘Let’s make one,’ which is a whole other job in itself.” Well yes, a whole other job indeed. For somebody else, perhaps.

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  1. rumor mill says:

    wow..thats a shocker..never thot she’d out n out discredit the person who actually created it..

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