Saif – The Drag Queen

I simply love these photographs, which I ‘stole’ from Homi Adjania’s FB. Here you can see Anaita Shroff Adjania, the stylist for the movie Cocktail that was directed by her hubby- Homi Adjania. These pictures showing Saif Ali Khan in a ‘Drag’ get-up is obviously from his latest release – Cocktail.

The expressions are hilarious. The picture where  Anaita blissfully grabs Saif’s ‘man boobs’ and the other one where Saif strategically places his hand on the crotch are really funny!

2 Replies to “Saif – The Drag Queen”

  1. Ramp Watcher says:

    In the bottom pic, doesn’t he remind U of the Joker frm Batman?

  2. Sunshine says:

    This old guy needs to retire…….pronto….sick of his same old cool fun -guy routine…Saif…darling…take a hike.

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