The Term – ‘Fashion Week’ Has Become A Joke

India being probably having one of the youngest fashion industry has almost fifty plus ‘fashion weeks’ while France having the world’s oldest and the biggest fashion industry has probably just three ‘fashion weeks’ – Haute Couture, Women’s Ready-to-Wear and Menswear. Add to that couple of trade shows like the Pret-a-Porter and Tranoi.

Here in India, fashion has become a ‘Tamasha’ and from Punjab to Patna, Kolkata to Kochi, Lucknow to Ludhiana there are fashion weeks probably associated to every ‘A’ and ‘B’ cities in India. But I was absolutely blown-off my wits when I heard about the upcoming ‘Prasad Bidapa Fashion Week’ in Bengaluru. It’s the height – an individual driven fashion week. Okay Prasad may be a self-proclaimed style-guru, talent-hunter (What kinda talent I ain’t sure.), fashion wrier, fashion photographer and a choreographer. But isn’t having a ‘fashion week’ titled on your name a bit megalomanic?

Even the likes of Anna Wintour or Carine Rotfield or Mounir Moufarrige or Pierre Berge wouldn’t have the audacity to host a ‘fashion week’ titled on their name. And mind you, these names have made major contribution to world fashion.

God save the Desi ‘Fashion Week’ Tamasha! 

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  1. jas says:

    isin’t prasad bidappa is the same guy who was caught in dubai for drug traffiking in dubai airport few years back ,exploiting young male model to appear in a gay calender and has a godfather like the tainted doomed airline-kfa boss vijay mallaya

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