Chitrangada Singh Ends Her Marriage

05-Chitrangada-Singh-hot-bikini-pics[3]Jyoti-Randhawa-Chitrangada-Singh-at-the-launch-party-of-luxury-brand-Burberrys-new-store-in-New-DelhiSexy and sultry actress – Chitrangada Singh has finally ended her marriage with ace golfer Jyoti Randhawa. Their’s was never a smooth-sailing marital life. After making her film debut – Hazaaron Khwaise Aisi, Chitrangada was literally forced to go into a long hibernation as hubby Jyoti didn’t like her being linked with other men, especially film-maker Sudhir Mishra.

sudhir mishra_chitrangadachitrangada singhHowever Chitrangada Singh made her comeback into Bollywood and managed to balance home and work and shuttling between Delhi and Mumbai. Today her hands are full and is doing well in Bollywood. After Inkaar with Arjun Rampal, Chitrangada will be seen in I, Me Aur Main with John Abraham.

As per sources, Chitrangada has moved out of their Gurgaon house and the marriage is over. On second thoughts – this news comes just before the release of I, Me Aur Main???  But my sources say that this is not a publicity gimmick.

8 Replies to “Chitrangada Singh Ends Her Marriage”

  1. insider says:

    Both her husband and her brother were against her continuing her movie career.

  2. 5hruth1 says:

    God knows how long she would survive in the industry…she made a bad choice!!

  3. SG says:

    I think she did good.. Atleast she’s following her heart & not bowing to pressure from anyone

  4. God_ShaReeF says:

    This is what BOLLYWOOD is…
    ha ha ha 🙂

  5. Alice says:

    Her husband is ugly… She’s so hott… I read somewhere that Jyoti is a womanizer! If true then good she left him & is living towards fulfilling her own dreams…

  6. raam says:

    completely wrong news , they have moved to a farm house at much distance .
    they good and strong !

  7. As far as I know she is really beautiful and hot . I watch her every film. She made a right decision to leave her husband for her film career . Thank you Chitrangada I really appreciated for all you done. Thank you again.

  8. shazam says:

    Jyoti Randhawa ends his marraige. Apt title. Good for him.
    Considering, all the sacrifices, he had to deal with, seeing his wife being used and abused in the Bollywood industry, which lacks all moral codes.

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