“FS” Wrote About Bhujbal’s Land-Grab 6-years Ago

hex2-150x150The former Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Chhagan Bhujbal was arrested last night under ‘Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Their are cases of land-grabbing too against the NCP politician – Bhujbal.

Fashionscandal posted this story in May 2010http://wp.me/p1C8a1-4K

Armstrong Hex ComplexChhagan Bhujbal aka Hex Armstrong?

Published on: May 1, 2010

In one my recent visits to Mumbai, I accompanied a friend who was scouting for some budget residential properties to house his man-force for a mega industrial project. He took me to Navi Mumbai to a place called Kharghar where a concrete jungle is coming up.

As we drove through Kharghar, I saw huge projects of Residential Apartments, Commercial Complex and even a Helipad being constructed by a certain Armstrong Group. The Armstrong Group put up huge signage of HEX WORLD, HEX CITY and HEXO BLOC. As we drove through those huge billboards, I uttered, “This Armstrong Group and its HEX Projects must be some International Real Estate player’s venture.” The property dealer who was sitting on the back seat laughed and said, “Sir, no this group is 100% Mumbaiya.” I argued, “The name sounds very international and see the number of projects they have undertaken.” The property dealer now burst into a louder laughter and said Hex Armstrong is nothing but Chaggan Bhujbal in English. Chaggan is six or heaxagon and Bhujbal is Armstrong.”

My-my, that’s so true and such a literal translation of the Deputy CM of Maharashtra’s name – Chaggan Bhujbal aka Hex Armstrong. But in the Armstrong Group’s website Chaggan Bhujbal finds no mention but then politicians always prefer to be Benami. Ummm, no doubt the group got prime land and such huge projects undergoing. This can happen only in India!

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  1. gossip-queen says:

    Jack, whats the deal on the new Kangana and Hritik scandal? There seems to be more than what Hritik is trying to portray, his tweet to her comment was extreme and similarly a defamation case… something doesn’t seem right.

  2. jack says:

    @Ishikaa Kangana-Hrithik had their moment and then got bored. It was mutually beneficial short-term relationship between two unattached singles. ‘Honeymoon’ period was short…Kangana’s idiosyncrasies started irritating Hrithik and Hrithik’s narcissism started coming in way of Kangana’s. It became a pain for both and then they started washing their soiled-linen on Twitter for us poor-folks to indulge. Don’t rack your brain in this. Waste f time…

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