Rare Snapshots Of Isheta-Neeshal (Nirav’s Bro) Wedding

isheta_neeshal_goadipti_raj_neeshalOne of our valued fashionscandal readers fed me with insider details of the big-fat-wedding of Isheta Salgaocar with Neeshal Modi in Goa. Akshaj (fashionscandal reader) wrote:



The wedding was the fattest one organised at the Grand Hyatt and Goa Marriott !!! Diamonds and champagne flowed like rain drops !!! Spotted where biggies from P Chitambaram to Natasha Poonawalla and everyone else who mattered!!! Sonam and Rhea came only for the Sangeet…. Goa’s rich and famous and Bombay’s glitterati rubbed shoulders together.

Sheetal Mafatlal and Roohi Jaikishan were drunk as hell and Shobha De did a dance performance!

mukesh_nita_weddingisheta_nirav_frienduntitled-10_1481014371sonam_saddam_rheaWe – fashionscandal have got you some rare images from Isheta and Neeshal’s regal wedding. Sonam and Rhea were seen at the Sangeet. Enjoy!

PS: Kindly respect the copyright! 

29 Replies to “Rare Snapshots Of Isheta-Neeshal (Nirav’s Bro) Wedding”

  1. Colossial says:

    Finally someone posted the pictures.

  2. ghat says:

    Is there something going on between Aditya Mittal and Malaika Arora Khan? If there is, then can’t help think father and son like similar looking women….

  3. God_ShaReef says:

    ConCluSion @ CoLoSsiaL:

    And it happens only (in) India’s fashionScanDal.com


    Aapki bhuli bisri kutia,
    Aapki God Shareef,
    Jo Ambani’s ki celeBrations mein bhow bhow nahi karr saki…
    (They couldn’t dare to inVite me naa… Chhee chhee… Angoor khatte hain…)

    And ab dekhna, DT, HT City types, Paid Pussy Net Media, kaise fashScan ki story and pics aaise raise (lifting) karenge, the way their paid’y eds raise their, you know naa what?, their “that morning thing” before Kaala Dhan…
    And all you Gandu-Gluttons of Media-World… Grrrrrr… thoo thoo thoo on your asses!!!

  4. jack says:

    It’s a known fact by now that readers of fashionscandal enjoy and look forward to comments made by God_Shareef in his/her inimitable style. Hence I make a public offer here to God_Shareef to do a ‘Round-Up of Year 2016’ in his/her typical style. (photos would be added value).
    FS also makes a commitment to remunerate God_Shareef with a modest token of Rupees 30K for the efforts taken by roping in a willing sponsor.
    Await a response here…

  5. pinky says:

    Yay @Jack, I am loving where this is going…@God_Shareef….humare God please accept the offer!!

  6. Colossial says:

    Good idea Jack. God Shareef I love your comments too.

  7. Colossial says:

    @Ghat Looks like son is following father’s path. I wonder how the love of luxurious life makes the wife to live with adultery.

    Malaika Arora has divorced Arbaaz for a sugar daddy and to become a mistress. She also has an affair with Arjun Kapoor. Great going Malaika.

  8. Akshaj says:

    Thank you @fashionscandal
    I have lot of dirt on these people stay tuned

  9. jack says:

    @Akshaj anxiously await for more dirt!!!

  10. jack says:

    God_Shareef needs more persuasion from you folks…

  11. jack says:

    Need to persuade God_Shareef

  12. God_ShaReef says:

    No more, hookie-hookie vulva…
    (Its) Already crinkling with seduction!
    Ohhhh man i am shivering…
    Please wait for more juices and shoWers…

    Aapke charrno ki daasi,
    Par aapke hi khoon ki pyaasi,
    Hiss hiss…
    Aapki apni God_ShaReef.

  13. TheGossipQueen says:

    God Shareef…pls pls pls accept Jack’s request. We , the readers of of FS, Love your hilarious take on the going-ons in the life of the high & mighty!.

  14. 5hrut1 says:

    @God_ShaReef. Plz plz plz accept the offer ☺…always wait for ur comments .. We get know kaun kitna shareef hain?..

  15. jack says:

    Consider the readers’ request and my offer please

  16. jack says:

    Jitna Khoon pina hai mera pee lo

  17. Alcie says:

    Malaika and Aditya Mittal!!! that’s news to me. This is why I love fashionscandal! What’s up with these bolllywood chiknis and industrialist?! Surely these actresses, even B grade ones can make a decent living through their ‘talent’ no?

  18. stealthbomber says:

    @alcie – “Surely these actresses, even B grade ones can make a decent living through their ‘talent’ no?” — Isn’t that too much work? Its probably easier to instead to just have a sugar daddy and not have to go to work or stress about work.

  19. Colossial says:

    Jack I simply do not understand the kids of the super rich now-days. Whats with barely there clothed photos on Instagram and Facebook. Some are using active paid PR and another are just removing their clothes to be popular. Sometimes they are drunk or stoned badly.

  20. NDT says:

    God Shareef we all love your style of writing and your sense of humour … please accept what Jack has in writing … btw Jack I am happy to chip in some part to those 30k you have offered in case you do not get sponsors … cheers !!

  21. Neil says:

    Hey Jack

    Is this wedding the subject of a blind item in today’s (15 Dec) ET Panache(Mumbai ed)? It says the wedding didn’t spend as much as publicised and were stingy….lol

  22. Colossial says:

    @Alice Having a sugar daddy means easy money for these ladies. Plus these men get a boost in ego by sleeping with these actresses. So its a win win situation for both of them. The only people I pity is their spouses.

  23. free bird says:

    Jack, i heard that Hrithik Roshan has a german girlfriend and he has a daughter with her, is it true? If true, Could it be the reason of his divorce?

  24. free bird says:

    And to Shareef, a humble request,please write in english, i’m an international reader and i would like to read your comments but i don’t understand most of them.

  25. Colossial says:

    @free bird When did Hrithik had a brand new girlfriend and kid?

  26. Ghat says:

    So here’s the thing. I don’t know if the Malaika-Aditya Mittal is true. I only read it in the readers comments section on another portal. As much as I read celeb gossip, I don’t want to start an unsubstantiated one. Especially when there are spouses and kids involved. So I apologize if I started a ‘fire’ here. My bad!

  27. SS says:

    @God Shareef! I hope you are taking this time to write up the highly awaited 2016 round up! ( puckering up for you!.. pls pls!!)
    – Long time FS reader

  28. sang says:

    God_ShaReef pls accept this offer for all of us….

  29. free bird says:

    @Colossial I don’t know this is what i read somewhere that’s why i’m asking.

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