Isheta Salgaocar Is Anti-Demonetisation

webpage-7-copyToday Goa will witness probably the Fattest-Indian-Wedding  of Isheta Salgaocar and Neeshal Modi. Isheta Salgaocar is the Editor-at-Large for Huffpost, India, the Indian edition of Huffington Post and her articles have depth. On her Twitter account, Isheta opined:

Isheta @IshetaS  Nov 28

“Demonetisation won’t hurt ‘kala dhan’ — it will only damage economic growth.”

She is not the one to shy away from voicing her point-of-view that may be contrary to her parents and Mamaji and Mamiji!

webpage-6-copyNeeshal and Isheta also got a website: that’s going to have the details and photographs. Right now it reads – ‘1 day to go!’

16 Replies to “Isheta Salgaocar Is Anti-Demonetisation”

  1. SG says:

    ‘The Knot’ is not their website.. anyone can create a free wedding site there… considering how much money is being spent I’m surprised they didn’t get their own personal site….

  2. Colossial says:

    Jack can you solve a blind for me from Mumbai Mirror. Can you tell me who is this?


    THIS has got to be our favourite story of redemption, forgiveness and biteable irony. A jaded scion of a business family, who left his beautiful wife to marry his old flame almost 15 years ago, is now bankrupt. His second wife left him, too, just as quickly as his family’ fortunes started drying up. The gent is now back with his first wife—not as a lover, but as a friend. And the woman he had abandoned without giving her any spousal rights is now paying his bills. He’s been telling all and sundry how karma has come back to bite him, and how grateful he is for her friendship and generosity.

  3. Nupur says:

    Colossial, its Sheetal-Atulya Mafatlal

  4. Nupur says:

    Jack, theknot is the most popular wedding portal in the US, like India’s WeddingSutra.

    SG, they probably used theknot to create their gift registry for US based friends. Highly unlikely they’ll share any information/ photos on theknot or any other portal.

  5. Sasha says:

    @colossal Sounds like Om Puri to me.

  6. Akshaj says:

    The wedding was the fattest one organised at Grand Hyatt and Goa Marriott !!! Diamonds and champagne flowing like rain drops !!!from P Chitambaram to Natasha Poonawalla everyone who mattered was ther !!! sonam and rhea came only for the Sangeet…. goa’s rich and famous and Bombay’s glitterati rubbed shoulders together.
    Sheetal and Roohi were drunk as hell and Shobha De did a dance performance

  7. Nupur says:

    @Akshaj. You mean Sheetal Mafatlal and Roohi Jaikishen?

  8. 5hrut1 says:

    Jack … Any thing about mainsh 50 th birthday party ?!

  9. Hmm.. says:

    These days PV’s readers are creating a lot of gossip than PV writers. I wonder if it’s to document or just express or some PRs trying to bring others down.. so one gossip was linking a certain internationally known Indian actor to a certain corporate boss.. which has been consistently popping up.. there was some terrible rant at every other news portal’s comments section (where some international readers comments) so that others feel this Indian actress is a cunning person.. as if some women is ranting with a first hand account.. I find that actor smart and worthy enough but if she is finding a backdoor entry I feel bad for her.. but doesn’t excuse the backdoor entry of that type.. I don’t have a right to judge but I wish she has a better life than that and better luck with opportunities

    And other more shocking gossip is that of a so called Bollywood mega star (I wonder how many mega stars are there as everyone is super stars these days) having an affair with a richest businessman’s wife.. now that makes me believe karan johar is right and may be saner than many amidst the people he lives.. may be he is poorer too, comparatively.. what kjo doesn’t know is rest of the world, leaving politicians and Bollywood, is normal.. 90%.. given the population.. yeah only 12 crore people at max may be infidels even if your stats have high rate of error… so he needs to realize that as fast as he can and get over his depression..

    coming to the guy, wow really AK? As it was guessed it to be him.. on an article about his marriage related news.. but I am wondering can such terrible things happen and are these people normal.. you may divorce a wife.. its okay.. have few relationships while single.. but do you really do this kind of $hit after marrying a younger one and having a kid with all the hassle.. and you do that kind of $hit like such a service.. and you do that being top star and having everything to be grateful? India talks about such type of women using such filthy language.. what are these men called? Seriously! Sometimes it feels judgemental to question this but why do these people hold the flag of creativity and right to the art that projects all good things and integrity of social institutions but inside that very same industry what we are worried to see (as er all the ever increasing gossip)is a terrible ever expanding cancer… judgemental is probably when people don’t like something out in open just because bias.. like gay people when they are out in open.. not for the people faking reality..

    PS: I have a soft corner for kjo as I sometimes feel he may be a troubled soul.. but it’s another thing he is a stupid person but thinks he is smart.. sorry to say that though..

  10. jack says:

    PV??? You mean pinkvilla???

  11. Hmm.. says:

    Yes. Pinkvilla. Though I read mega star gossip only on PV comments section(which seems to occasionally leak interesting yet unheard gossips), but the goss about the actress is very desperately posted on some articles on US websites. It feels so bad that Indians are so desperate to bring their own down. Some very funny write ups like how this corporate boss (whose name was also in the news for being a worthy candidate for Tata chairman) is blackmailed by her to get her access to everything cool in Hollywood etc makes us wonder should we appreciate her achievement or not. She certainly seems a talented person. How sad is this.

  12. Hmm.. says:

    So I wonder if am getting this comment right.. quoting below.. but most sad part is his wife hooking up with a young guy who dumped his gf and then hooked up with a co star and is in love.. whoa.. kjo is right.. rolling eyes.. is there some serious chain reaction going on here.. after reading PV one gets a headache.. and start mastering the art of understanding gossip.. btw after reading national news one gets brain dead feeling.. so they read PV..they get headache.. so they come to fashion scan and write one long comment and the feel bad.. ??????? but that’s how we site hop to take a break..?

    I dont like to call anything to these people, men or women, but if there are people calling women names please make it a neutral gender and be inclusive.. ?

    Quote:(sorry not sure if I should mask this names.. do whatever you wish)

    First Reena, then his English girlfriend, then Kiran. And plenty of quick hook-ups in between all these relationship. AK must have already moved on too. By the way he has also been hooking up with a famous super-duper rich industrialist’s wife since a few years now.

    Reply 82 4 3 days ago

  13. Jaan says:

    @ Jack: yup Pinkvilla. Hmm means PC and Anshu Jain in the first case. And Aamir Khan in the second. Tbh i dont believe PC rumors – she made it on her own globally and many can’t digest that. As far Aamir once a cheater always a cheater. Dont have any sympathy for Kiran either who stole a much married man/ Dad from Reena.

  14. jack says:

    Please comment about PV on their site…This is FS
    Kyon meri le rane ho…….

  15. jack says:

    Dude this is FS let PV matter be posted there.
    I anyway don’t have much dope on B-Town…spare me please. PV is too big for me

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