CARA DELEVINGNE’S Bolder ‘Lady Garden’ Campaign

Cara Delevingne has been campaigning for The Gynaecological Cancer Fund (operated by Grace Belgravia Foundation) since 2016. She caused a stir with her very first photoshoot for the campaign titled ‘Lady Garden’ by posing with a sunflower covering her modesty. The photoshoot was styled by her sister – Poppy Delevingne and Cara famously stated then that she is passionate about the cause, “because I want to help kick Cancer’s butt”.

Cara Delevingne is putting her sex appeal to good use. How many men would have asked their women about the last time they got themselves inspected for gynaecological cancer? My guess would be not many. But now with Cara’s rosebud staring them in the face it should be the first thing on their minds. WAY TO GO GAL!

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