Ravi Krishnan Quits IMG

Post the split with his wife, Bandana Tewari news comes now that Ravi Krishnan has quit IMG. This was Ravi’s secont stint at IMG as MD, South Asia when he rejoined the group post a s brief stint as Advisor to the Rajasthan Royals Team in IPL.

It’s not known if the split with Bandana has got anything to do with Ravi’s quitting IMG. Nor is it known if he’s rejoining Rajasthan Royals or heading for South Africa with Gabrielle. But one thing is for sure that since Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries took over IMG, India, Ravi’s stint as the MD was under cloud because Ambanis usually prefer having their own guy at the helm of affairs!

6 Replies to “Ravi Krishnan Quits IMG”

  1. delhiguy says:

    Awesome blog Jack ,discovered it through and spent the last few hours browsing through all the articles.
    How do i send you the latest gossip ? Hope you heard what happened at a leading Media house where somebody important got slapped 😉

  2. akashd says:

    Ambani is an ass hole.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ravi was asked to leave. Very common knowledge. Can someone have the balls to right that!

    and on an aside, who got slapped?!!!

  4. B says:

    yeah! that’s what i want to know…who got slapped? lol

  5. JUSTIN says:

    Rock n’ roll, cool article mate, thanks a lot!

  6. MICHEL says:

    I hope you let in this comment… Anyhow, I really didnt like your point of view too much.

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