God Lies in Details Ms. Passi

There are different styles of taking a shower or a bath. The typical Desi style is to squat and pour mugs of water from a bucket. Some who find it difficult to squat, use a low height plastic stool to sit on it. The urban style is usually to step under a shower.

I was shocked to discover this very Desi plastic bath stool at none other than Sanjay and Shalini Passis’ dream house. The modest stool isn’t what you expect in a designer home, which sources say costed all inclusive a whooping Rs. 300 Crores. How did I discover the bath stool? No I wasn’t invited to the majestic Passi House but my eyes, always hunting for details found it in the photos in the May issue of the Wallpaper magazine.

Check out this picture in which Shalini Passi is posing in a leopard print dress by Dolce & Gabbana, in the rose-motif mosaic-tiled bathroom. If you look at the bottom end of the photograph, you will see her standing on the Desi Bath Stool. I am amazed at both, to see a stool in the designer bathroom and oversight on Wallpaper Magazine’s part who could have photoshopped and erased that ugly stool.

6 Replies to “God Lies in Details Ms. Passi”

  1. A reader.... says:

    sure u won’t publish the comment I just posted…eagle eye…

  2. sd says:

    Hilarious. you do have an eye for detail!

  3. Jooce says:

    Lol… Good work spotting it, JD but how o u know it’s an ugly plastic stool & not o e of photographer’s props? U know they carry small step ladders around all the time.

  4. jack says:

    Have a close look and you will realise it’s a bath stool and not one photographers carry!

  5. Sheena says:

    That mosaic tiling is super ugly. I have seen Monet painting inspired mosaic tiling in an exhibition. That was truly spectacular.
    That plastic stool does not bother me as much as the choice of mosaic tiling and the clothes she wore against that backdrop.

  6. Zhb says:

    Article writer and proof reader, the past tense of cost is cost, not costed. If it is a desi plastic stool, it must have cost the couple 60 to 100 rupees.

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