All About Aamir Khan’s Top-Secret “Satyameva Jayate”

Aamir Khan’s ambitious television debut with the much anticipated ‘Satyameva Jayate’ is fiercely guarded as “Top-Secret” by one and all involved with the project. The Teaser Ads – well they are just a tease and don’t reveal much. Even the Official Song hardly gives us a sneak-peek about what to expect from Satyameva Jayate.

Well dug out some vital facts for you. Satyameva Jayate is a Chat Show and Season 1 has 13 episodes out of which 10 episodes are already canned. The show dwells with a particular issue of National Interest in each episode and has guest playing a pioneering role in addressing the issue. The episodes that are already shot and ready are on serious subjects like health, water, girl-child, marriage, child issues (abuse and other), addiction and other such social issues. Each issue is debated and discussed from socio-political and economical angles.

The one-and-half hour episode is not just loaded with heavy stuff. Every episode has a musical performance and all the songs have been composed by Ram Sampath and lyrics are by the likes of Prasoon Joshi, Swanand Kirkire and Munna Dhiman. Mamu Jaan has also ensured Imraan Khan’s presence in one episode and also of Sridevi in another as of now. I am sure Salman Khan will feature in one episode and am also sure that Shahrukh Khan won’t in any.

So in a nutshell – Aamir Khan is all set to become the Desi Oprah Winfrey where hard-hitting issues will be laid thread-bare. There would be tears, breakdowns, laughter and hope!

5 Replies to “All About Aamir Khan’s Top-Secret “Satyameva Jayate””

  1. pbriseis says:

    i think this might be good for indian audiences, getting closer to opening thier eyes to a world constantly fogging their beliefs……Indian people need to be able to make decisions about such issues without a biased or brainwashed mindset…..what do u think jack ?

  2. lalala says:

    jack i think your posts a re getting quite tame….pls get some juicy posts…

  3. Tab K. says:

    True, there will be tears, laughter, debates, et al..But we have had many shows based on such themes. Like the Tulsi one(Smriti Irani) and the likes.
    As you have mentioned, the maamujaan effect is visible here and just the fact that “Aamir Khan ka show hai”, will take it to different levels!
    Currently, the Raveena Tandon show is also nice, based on “Jeena isi ka naam hai” done by Farooque Sheikh previously.

  4. ANIL KUMAR says:

    This is really a good episode—-to let know the public the truth about all these important issues———but will AAMIR KHAN continue the work to really help these people to come out of the problem they r facing———instead of just talking(which anyone can do)———is to be seen.If he really helps them out——–he is great,otherwise i’ll tell its just a publicity gimmick.Bravo AAMIR———–BUT SHOW IT IN ACTION BUDDY,NOT JUST IN WORDS.

  5. Saida says:

    Wonderful program well dine AmirKhan

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