Vijay Singh’s Plan to Host India Bridal Week in Delhi is Washed-Up.

 On the 28th of August 2012 Vijay Singh held a press conference in Delhi to announce the India Bridal Week in Delhi. Singh in fact announced the dates too – 2nd August to the 6th of August 2013, which is just a week before the annual Delhi Couture Week hosted by Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). If that wasn’t enough, Vijay Singh read out the names of participating designers and even got Tarun Tahiliani on to the podium to announce him as the ‘Grand Finale’ designer of his maiden venture in Delhi. You can read all about it in my earlier post here:

The Board of FDCI was not happy with Vijay Singh hosting a Bridal/Couture Week strategically just a week before the Delhi Couture Week. The Board also expressed its angst against FDCI Members taking part in Vijay Singh’s event. The talks were so serious that the Board decided if a FDCI Member designer takes part in Vijay Singh’s show in Delhi, his/her membership may be cancelled.

Seeing the strict posturing by FDCI the designers who were tom-tommed by Vijay Singh at his press conference did a U-turn. I have come to know that all the designers who were supposedly showing at the India Bridal Week in August 2013 have now given in writing to the board that they will not showcase in any event that is similar to the one hosted by FDCI and is held in the Capital around the same dates. In simple words – Tarun Tahiliani & JJ Valaya – the trump-cards in Vijay Singh’s Delhi agenda will not participate in it.

This news may not have reached Vijay Singh as the written undertaking was kept confidential by the FDCI Board.

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  1. Bong Jolina says:

    I had to talk to a shrink about this one, because my procrastination has messed up too much already. Turns out it’s my primary mechanism of dealing with fear, how about that. To advise someone to just get a grip is insanely hurtful, because often hardcore procrastinators really can’t help themselves; they know it’s more than dense to keep playing that very important round of minesweeper or to write that world-changing blog post. Really, no need to throw more salt into the wound, squeeze the dagger even deeper…

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