Luxe-Labels & ‘Goldiggas’ Happy with Govt.’s Soft Stance on Anti-Tobacco

Om Gupta

Om Gupta

Prerna Subba_geminigirl

Prerna Subba_geminigirl

Shyama_Charan_Gupta_MPYou must be wondering what the Tobacco Industry has got to do with the luxury brands and ‘Gold-Diggers’. All the money that the Guthka and Beedi Barons rake-in sustain high-flying lifestyle of gold-digger girlfriends and support the existence of many luxury brands in India. DS Group of Rajnigandha fame has the license for Tom Ford in India, KP (Kamla Pasand) Group is the primary funder of Infinite Luxury Brands that own the licenses of Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Missoni and Emilio Pucci. Chaurasias of KP Group is keeping the company – Infinite Luxury alive with their deep-pockets courtesy Gutka profits.

Prerna2Prerna3Prerna5Om Gupta of Raja Khaini and Gutka may not be known to you folks. But I am sure you all know the social butterfly – Prerna Subba. Yeah she is the same lady who posts latest pictures of her obscene shopping on an hourly basis on Instagram where she goes by the pseudonym of ‘geminigirl_18’. She list all the brands on her body to caption her selfies. Prerna Subba is the girlfriend of Khaini King – Om Gupta. You will hardly see Om and Prerna together and though they are seeing each other for few years, marriage isn’t on the cards. Prerna Subba is not complaining at all. In fact she is having a ball and living the life of a ‘Brand Whore‘ and a ‘Bag Hag‘ to the hilt.

Sashikant Chaurasia

Sashikant Chaurasia

Sachiin_JoshiThe kind of money Gutka Barons are making is insane. Sachin Joshi make and star in movies that all flop but his daddy’s Manikchand Group has enough moolah to let his prodigal son spoil some. NaMo government is pro Gutka Lobby and that was known when Dr. Harshvardhan was shifted from the Health Ministry. He was famous for his anti-tobacco movement. So now Modi has Shyamcharan Gupta, a Beedi Baron taking calls on Anti-Tobacco laws. With him there, Om Gupta, Shashikant Chaurasia, Sachin Joshi, Prerna Subba and Sahiba Narang and the gang need not worry!

34 Replies to “Luxe-Labels & ‘Goldiggas’ Happy with Govt.’s Soft Stance on Anti-Tobacco”

  1. shanaya says:

    OMG I see pictures of this Gemini Girl Prerna- its tacky how she keeps posting pictures of all her shopping. He has also bought her a house and car to match the shopping. Lucky girl.

  2. Edward says:

    It’s so easy to make judgement. Maybe they really are in love and maybe getting married. You don’t even know them.

  3. supriya gupta says:

    Om Gupta, Shashikant Chaurasia, Sachin Joshi, Prerna Subba and Sahiba Narang………
    NOBODY GIVES A SHIT abt these people. Plzz post bettr news!!!!

  4. kritika says:

    Instagram is a place to show your purchases. The whole world does it. Marriage is not the answer to everything. Relax. Chill. Breathe. LIVE AND LET LIVE.

  5. Kink says:

    damn i think this article killed her instagram account. I so wanted to see it; let me know if there another link …lol

  6. God_Shareef says:


  7. God_Shareef says:


    Dear Mr Jack
    Thank you for making

  8. tara says:

    Instagram is a place to share pictures- its not a shopping website of disgusting amounts of money spent! And who cares if she’s married or not- its just tasteless the kind of money being spent when people are starving. She must have some deep rooted issues. poor Lady.

  9. Auditions India says:

    Aye aye
    Maaki Soot Subba Lubba hubba bubba gang ki.
    Who bothers about these paise se khareedi page3 in the times of paid media.

    I am more worried about the “saviour of the corporates”.

  10. Auditions India says:

    Dear Mr Jack
    Thank you for making fashionScandal so scoopy, so juicy, covering from every angle, civic problems, society gossip & hot fun.

  11. Anthead says:

    OMG Rajnigandha Pan Masala owns Tom Ford license – ha ha ha – I wonder how those business negotiations went – iske chashme pe per piece 20 guna profit hoga – le le license!

    Is that a Himalayan Birkin I spy in Subba’s arms in the first pic – c’mon Jack – gutka barons itne bhi lallu nahin hain ki apni airi ghairi girlfriends ko Himalayan Birkin kharid ke dein. She probably got it where all the show off Hong Kong tai tais get theirs – from expert Korean and mainland China replica makers.

  12. Anthead says:

    Also – please ignore killjoys like Supriya Gupta – I for one would love to know about gutka kings and the paisa they lutao on their tacky girlfriends. Please bring it on!

  13. kritika says:

    @tara: instagram is a place to share pictures- to which i say, to each his own. Some like to share pictures of their purchases, some of landscapes, some of quotations, some of their children, some sell merchandise etc. Nala the cat has 2 million + followers and her owners are milking on her insta success. What is she? A cat. Since when did we get the right to tell people what they should and shouldnt do, what they can and cant do? Im pretty sure u have come across posts on social networking sites where u cringed or got annoyed, well it happens to all of us. The bottom line is this: let people do what they want to. Like i said, live and let live. Im pretty sure there are things u do, infact things we all do that everyone doesnt apprve of. Well guess what? Everyone doesnt have to. We are all entitled to do what we want. Thats called free will. Enjoy ur free will, let others enjoy theirs! Simple!

  14. God_Shareef says:

    I do not know why fashScan is not accepting full/big in size thought, so posting in parts pertaining to my earlier thoughts for this particular post only.

  15. Shonali says:

    This is bullshit.. There is no relevance of the topic and the discussion that is being held here.. Y is her shopping a problem for u i still have to figure that out

  16. Anthead says:

    Jack – you need to tell me what I’m missing here. Isn’t the Raja Khaini family also involved in Biscuit making? You’re telling me that a North Cal/Howrah wala Maroo is buying Birkins left and right for his girlfriend? And his family is allowing him to get away with this sort of indulgence? Baat kuchh hajam nahin hui.

    Too bad she shut her account down – I would have had endless hours of fun scrutinizing her “Birkin” pics and posting them into authentication forums.

  17. Addyy says:

    That Raja Khaini dude has been dating same girl since at least 2009, that’s when I met them for the first time. He is no sugar daddy, instead if I remember correctly she is A YEAR older than him. Yes, they also own Raja biscuit and i think Om Gupta is the one running that part of their business.

  18. tara says:

    Kritika are you sure that’s your name and not an alias for Prerna aka gemini girl??!!! Your comment is like a full on attack. Chill out.I’m entitled to my opinion and if you wanna live in a world where everyone only has nice things to say about you- I suggest you move to another planet! You are reading this blog so obviously you want gossip like the rest of us. Enough said. For those of you who are wondering- her account is very much back on with more images of her new buys- as she said she doesn’t care who says what so don’t know why some of the comments(must be her friends)are getting so heated.

  19. God_Shareef says:

    Arrey kyun ladh rahe ho iss gadhi ke peeche.
    Bass karo yaar.
    Saaf pataa chal raha hai, all related thinkers are known to each other regarding this hubbaBobba.
    She doesn’t deserve THIS MUCH.

    Aapka pakka haraamZaada,
    God Shareef.
    Kya aapke andar ki God, Shareef hai???
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. abhilasha says:

    OMG Lol. Her account is gone. Seriously though…good riddance!

  21. kritika says:

    @tara- my name is Kritika Malhotra and i work in Mumbai as a fashion stylist. I have a friend in US who loves to show her purchases on instagram and her bf is a big time software developer. There are so many people who show their shopping on instagram, how, where and with whose money they get it should not concern us (unless there are jealous women like u of course who have a problem with each and eveything). I didnt know this website even existed till a friend of mine told me to read the kind of filth and jealous/hateful articles that are written here about people. Anyway i dont need to justify myself to insecure females like u. If someone uploads a pic of a pair of high street shoes then its “wow” but if its high designer then it becomes the subject of scrutiny? Furthermore it seems u are not understanding my comments, iv been harping on n on about people’s right to do what they want to and u tell me ur entirled to ur own opinion? Isnt that exactly what iv been saying? If u think what gemini girl is doing is wrong ok cool! Good for u! I feel what shes doing is her business and just like u shes entitled to do whatever the hell she wants to! U got my point? I dont know who this gemini girl is buy being a woman, i can make out the jealousy n insecurity that is being displayed here by other women and probably this is why men stereotype us as being bitchy and jealous of other women. Also read my previous comment, i said that we all
    Come across things on social networking sites that annoys us.. Where have i said that i wanna live in a world where everyone has nice things to say about everyone? All im saying is let her do what she wants to, stop being such a typical jealous female. Btw if u hate gemini girl so much why are u even following her? It seems u have all the updates of her uploading newer stuff even today.. So the jokes on u tara! U have officially established urslf as a typical jealous insecure female n trust me im laughing my lungs off! Hahahahahahahaha!

  22. baskaro says:

    Jack, why do you publish stupid comments that have nothing to do with the article? Re: Kritika’s reply.

  23. God_Shareef says:

    Ye Kritika, Subba ki panty hai.
    Sammji naa tu…
    Ya phaadu chaddhi.

    Tum saala log kabhi nahi suddhroge.
    Thoo (on Kritika’s a $$).

    FaukKkkkkkkkkkkk you KritikKkkkkkaaaaaaaa.

    Your allTime Bitch Basinger.
    God Shareef.

    Kya aapke andar ki god, Shareef hai???

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. B2B says:

    Jack didn’t write this to show how much Prerna Subba shops. His point is this. Her shopping, like Sachin Joshi’s moviemaking ‘hobby’ is supported by tobacco/gutkha/beedi money. Tobacco/Gutkha/Beedi’s are so harmful, but cheaply available and addictive that it literally destroys lives. Especially of poor people. Even worse, of kids. Did you know that beedis are mostly made by poor women and that the incidence of cancer in them is much much higher even though they don;t smoke the beedi? And yet because these people are rich, and have powerful political connections they were able to get the health ministry to undermine pictoral warnings on tobacco products. That is disgusting!

    Even worse, they blame the link between cancer and tobacco on NGO/Western world conspiracy to undermine India’s . BTW most of these tobacco companies have links to the mafia. Sachin Joshi’s father had links to Dawood Ibrahim and supposedly helped his brother Anees Ibrahim set up a Gutkha company in Pakistan. Talk about conspiracy to undermine India.

    P.S. Think about this for a second. In the USA, they are very alert to anything that undermines public health in their nation. Because a weak people is a weak fighting army, and weak productive workers. An article I read (in Tehelka, I think?) said that the young in Punjab are so affected by the cross border narcotics trade from Pakistan that the share of their youngsters joining the Indian army had fallen in almost a hundred years. Now think of the effect of widespread tobacco addiction in all of India, and tell me it doesn’t creep you out 🙁

  25. Anthead says:

    Kritika Malhotra – no one is jealous of Prerna Subba’s fake “Birkin” bags. 😀

  26. kelsang says:

    @anthead: i used to work at gucci dubai after which i worked at hermes london. I have known mr gupta and prerna personally. I can vouch for the fact that their shopping is anything but fake. Seriously. Im surprised you would call her birkins fake. She does not get them in india for sure!

  27. Anthead says:

    Ha ha ha – rofl – Gucci Dubai to Hermes London – kitni tarakki ki hai aapne!
    Kelsang darling you are fooling no one. In fact, clearly you don’t know the first thing about Birkins which is why you are claiming that this horribly fake Himalayan is an authentic Birkin.

    I would have believed you more if you had claimed that she got hers from Hermes India or at the least from the Paris flagship store. London is notoriously difficult to score a Birkin, let alone a Himalayan.

    Of course she didn’t get hers from India – she got hers from one of the Chinese replica makers – you seem to be friends with her – poochh lo, shayad apne Birkin supplier ka naam tumhe bata de.

  28. Sahil Arora says:

    Came across this article,had to mention few points that you are missing out.i have been fortunate enough to know Prerna Subba who according to you is a gold digger and has got nothing to do apart from shopping, oh and also mentioning that you think Om Gupta is her sugar daddy.First of all, who the hell are you to judge them without even knowing them? You saw her instagram, stole her pics to write a shitty hating article, made up your theory from your cheap mind that oh her bf is rich so he gives her that, he is a sugar daddy, jus because she has many birkins, they are fake or she must have got it from Korea and shit like that.Jealous much?Just so you know, Om and his family worked their ass off to achieve the luxuries he owns today and guess what Prerna was with him during his lows and now she deserves to be with him during his highs and that’s why he gives her everything.Materialistic things never shows how much a person loves, the efforts reveals everything and there is no harm for a man to spoil his girl with anything who stood by him like a pillar.If she was a gold digger, he would have got to know about it but guess what your theory is wrong, she is not and if you happen to speak to her, maybe then you’ll get to know how loving and humble she is from the rest of the shitty fake socialites.Oh and one more thing- Don’t be jealous and show hate on other’s lives if your life is shit, this just shows how disgusting your mindset is who judges people on the basis of their instagram account when they know nothing about them personally. Also her birkins are not fake, they are absolutely real but unfortunately people like you can’t afford luxuries and have a cheap mindset against people who can.Get a life !

  29. Anthead says:

    Also, carrying Birkin replicas is a lot more widespread than most people think. A lot of smart alec socialite types will sometimes sneak in fakes with real designer bags so it becomes hard to tell. Back when no one knew about Sheetal Mafatlal’s painting copying skills I had seen that she was FB friends with a well known replica maker who was a former Hermes craftsman.

    Tashu maiyya has carried fakes for years. So Prerna/Kelsang/Kritika/whatever other alias you think of next – don’t worry you’re in good company.

  30. Anthead says:

    Lo – Prerna Subba ne khud hi aake bata diya. So sorry Prerna Subba/Sahil Arora for implying your fake Birkins are from Chinese replica makers. Of course, nothing but the very best for our Prerna aunty. Fake Birkins straight from Korea, the home of AAA Birkin replicas. Prerna has done her research well.

    Prerna honey, next time you get another of your fake Birkins, order a Jypsiere for me in orange H pretty please 🙂

  31. God_Shareef says:

    CLOSE Proximity of thinker Sahil Arora & Om Gupta.
    Quite visible, identical!!!
    But then dekho…
    Sahil sacch saa hi bol raha hai.
    Arrey Baba mat tang karo innhe.
    Assli pehnein, Nakli pehnein…
    Kacche pe Tie pehnein, yaa kuch bhi naa pehnein.
    Hamein kya?
    Tujhe kya?
    Aur mujh Kambakht ko bhi kya?

    Saath rahein, Live in-Live in karein, toh bhi kya?
    Usska paisa, usski gulam.

    Hamein naa deta koi Birkin-Phirkin.
    Chaahe fake hi sahi.

  32. God_Shareef says:

    CLOSE Proximity of thinker Sahil Arora & Om Gupta.
    Quite visible, identical!!!
    But then dekho…
    Sahil sacch saa hi bol raha hai.
    Arrey Baba mat tang karo innhe.
    Assli pehnein, Nakli pehnein…
    Kacche pe Tie pehnein, yaa kuch bhi naa pehnein.
    Hamein kya?
    Tujhe kya?
    Aur mujh Kambakht ko bhi kya?

    Saath rahein, Live in-Live in karein, toh bhi kya?
    Usska paisa, usski gulam.

    Hamein naa deta koi Birkin-Phirkin.
    Chaahe fake hi sahi.

  33. Colossial says:

    I had never knew Sheetal Mafatlal had she even faked bags. I searched her name in google and I have managed to know that she has stolen paintings worth 100 crores from Mafatlal bunglow and replaced with fakes and now police is after her.Her husband was her sister Poonam Bhagat with whom Sheetal had affair. She was even caught by customs for carrying undeclared jewellery worth more than 50 crores. She has fraud ed so many people and still always checks into best of suites of Oberoi and Taj Hotels. I even now that she refuses anything with number 8. Jack make a detailed post on her.

  34. jack says:

    Yeah Sheetal is an absolute gold-digger. Hope you are aware that she married a old money-bag sheikh and now lives in Dubai. Yes there is a police case going on against her and after ignoring summons from Mumbai Police and DRI, a non-bailable warrant was issued in case she failed to meet the cops and that’s when she came. This is around a month bad.
    Yeah Poonam Bhagat is another butterfly. Her husband, Jai Shroff is the chairman of United Phosphorous Ltd. and is very close to NaMo and Amit Shah. In fact a phosphorous manufacturer – UPL – sponsored the multi-crore Khadi Show in Ahmedabad for Gujarat Khadi Udyog, which was organized by FDCI with designers Anamika Khanna, Rajesh Pratap and Rohit Bal and had Sonam Kapoor, Chitrangada Singh and few more B’wood faces. The Gujarat CM walked the ramp with her body-guards. End of the day I don’t know how much of a boost Gujarat Khadi Udyog got. Har Har Modi, Haar Har Khadi…Life goes on…

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