SRK-Gauri’s Surrogate Baby’s Gonna Be A BRIT

surrogacySRK_gauriBritish CitizenWhat a bloody coincidence! The day the news came in that for UK Visa Indians have to pay in a 3000 pounds deposit, it’s established that Shahrukh and Gauri Khan’s surrogate baby is borne by a British woman living in London. The baby will be delivered in London and as per surrogacy laws SRK-Gauri’s new-born would be a British citizen.

Well that also explains SRK-Gauri’s frequent London trips. Their love for London is a known factor.

But why another baby at this age. They could have adopted one like Brangelina!!!

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  1. Irene says:

    Is it true …but why a British baby…wats wrong with an Indian baby…the obsession of Bollywood with NRI s… !!

  2. Laveena says:

    Extending your brood is said to add luck to your life and change your destiny. That’s one reason why people get married and keep having children I guess.

  3. SG says:

    Well they obviously didnt adopt coz they wanted their genes in the baby & not someone else’s.. & they were not bothered about all the orphans out there..Given the amount of money they have they could have easily adopted 10 kids.. Its sad & selfish..

  4. Anon says:

    dear SG and jack, how many children have YOU adopted? and Irene, please read up on surrogacy. the baby’s genes are 100% from the parents (in this case SRK and Gauri). so it will be an indian baby. not a gora baby.

  5. Stalker says:

    Did Mr. Johar cum in the cup too?

  6. Ziva says:

    Its Karan Johar’s baby …he recently said in an interview how he wanted to adopt a baby and planning to do so soon…

  7. Curious says:

    I know this isn’t the best time to ask this question, but jack, are all those rumours that broke through a couple of months ago about srk’s secret marriage with pc true? I certainly hope not!

  8. jack says:

    Hi Curious,
    I don’t think the SRK-PC news is true.
    I did check with my reliable sources in Bollywood and found out that there was not truth in the rumour floating. We post ‘true’ stories and hence abstained from SRK-PC gossip.

  9. Curious says:

    Thanks a lot! Not only for clearing my doubt but also for replying so quickly 🙂

  10. vml says:

    But Jack, what about the rumors of an affair between SRK and PC? Sure the rumors about their secret marriage was false, but did they have an affair? If not, what was all the drama (like KJo and PC twitter war, Gauri’s friends boycotting PC etc) about?

  11. Sang says:

    Jack, also let us know what could be the reason for 3rd child ?? 🙂

  12. jack says:

    Yeah that’s true that PC and SRK got close, which antagonised Gauri. Gauri being the leader of ‘Bandra Bitches’ has enough clout on her team of Suzanne Roshan, Anu Dewan and the likes to exercise her authority on banning Piggy Chops.
    K Jo is a politician. He has made-up with PC. He plays with all – Sallu Bhai, Amir and SRK!

  13. jack says:

    I have no clue why SRK-Gauri went for a third child. Probably his yet born surrogate baby is going to be a British Citizen, he can use the baby’s citizenship to park his wealth there and do multiple other things. It’s a wild guess!

  14. vml says:

    Thanks for the quick reply, Jack. I still have one question though. I’m assuming that the SRK-PC affair is not the first time that SRK has strayed. If Gauri supposedly ignored his past dalliances, why all the drama about his affair with PC then?

  15. esoteric says:

    hey jack,

    can u pls give us some dope on ranbir-kat- deepika. I know, me, as well as others out there are trying to figure this one out. Pretty pls 🙂

  16. ChnGal says:

    I heard from the editor of a small magazine in south India who is friends with a leading south actress who is friends with Shabeena Khan (I think that’s her name) who is friends with Kjo etc. that SRK was madly in love with PC and he wanted to marry her as his second wife (allowed upto 4 for Muslims). But Gauri was obviously not ok with it.

  17. Curious says:

    Yes ChnGal, infact I heard that Srk extended his shoulder surgery only so he could be in Mumbai by PC’s side during her fathers illness.. Apparently the doctors had told them that pc’s dad was on his last stage of cancer and his health would deteriorate, eventually leading to his sad demise, and because by May-June, srk and family go off to London, this was his only way of staying in Mumbai with PC.

  18. Foonsook says:

    This report stands void as per birth certificate obtained by authorities. Jack you need to dig deep to find out the truth that you stand for.

  19. Anu says:

    I agree Foonsook. I was so surprised by the news of the baby being born in Mumbai… I’ve usually come to regard everything I read from Jack as gospel, so I completely did not expect this.

    This just means one thing — The girls gang (and everyone else) surrounding the couple were IRON CLAD in their suport.
    Not a word leaked out! I am impressed. This is not your typical bollywood.

  20. Anu says:

    Jack, you have to do a followup post to this one.
    One with the *real* story.

  21. jack says:

    Sorry folks

  22. sang says:

    sorry will be accepted only when u’ll publish the real story abt SRK’s 3rd child… uhhh and about Kat Ranbir and about many other things 😉

  23. vml says:

    + the real story about SRK-PC affair 🙂

  24. esoteric says:

    Yes… appeals again for dope on Kat-Ranbir…pls jack….

  25. Simone says:

    plz tell more about the Bandra Bitches surrounding SRK Gauri.

  26. fifi says:

    might be srk-pc’s child; nobody can say whose eggs were used; gauri didnt come out to say how happy she is with the newborn… in fact she disappeared

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